An ex-mason on freemasonry.

Welcome dear friend, if you just got here. This blog is dedicated to expound the unfeasibility for a Christian to be a freemason. In this space you will find sufficient information to enable you to make a sound and well considered decision. Comment and discussion from masons and non-masons alike are welcome.

Unfortunately there abounds on the internet and elsewhere a multitude of poorly researched articles and downright nasty literature about the masons. This site is not one of them. I have been a mason myself for many years and can attest to the huge amount of ridiculous literature out there that bears nothing resembling the truth about the order. The vast majority of masons are in fact upright and honourable men and often also respected leaders in the community. Many of them are elders in their church or even a pastor. So, this blog is definitely not an attack on a person or persons but rather an expose on the doctrine and philosophy of the order and firm reasoning accompanied by Biblical proof why freemasonry is definitely not something a Christian should be involved in.

If the destiny of your immortal soul is of import to you, you will do well to study the material to be found here. What is my motive? Love for my fellow man. I was recently saved and as a result came to realize the serious conflict that exist between what a Christian holds dear and the doctrine of the order of freemasonry.

The irony and tragedy is that there are so many individuals in the order that are so set in their ways, so taken in by the doctrine, that the conflict that does exist gets washed over and is soon forgotten. The transgressions that freemasons commit against God is so subtle and so well camouflaged that it easy to gloss over them, soon to be completely forgotten. There is always a ready answer to be provided for any question and a new member is quickly taken in by the camaraderie and so-called striving for lofty ideals of high moral standards and values, all very well and admirable.

The end result is not so subtle. How will you explain the multitude of transgressions to God on judgment day. The material you will find here contain sufficient reference to scripture that proof the argument many times over. Open your eyes my Brother and get out!

Love and God Bless.


6 Responses to “An ex-mason on freemasonry.”

  1. corrie Says:

    Its like u say, most of the stuff on internet about masonry is crap, but it is like you sat ,being a mason you tend to overlook things and just focus on the good deeds as donating moneys etc to the needy, yes i also thoroughly enjoyed being part of it, but since ive become a reborn christian i tend to look deeper into the ritual of each degree and saw all the wrongs, belive me when you there nothing else matters, the bible is open etc but for all the wrong reasons that i see now, you wont find anything wrong with it if you are not a true reborn christian. i beg of you who read and visit this blog, before you decide to join the order rather speak to people who were there,you want good advice ! ! stay away ! ! its not for true christians

  2. Greg Says:

    Sure, I’d be happy to debate the point. I think when it comes down to it, your basing faith with reason, which is something you can’t do.

    A Christian can decide that it does not fit within their Christian world view, but that does not make it incompatible with Christianity. It comes down to interpretation and how you accept the bible as a literal text, or as interpretive. Perhaps you missed the lessons on symbolism in your time in the lodge. Nothing in Freemasonry can be taken on face value, all of it is symbolic.

    Have a look when you have a chance. I’m posting your response today.

  3. Greg Says:

    Your response to your question.

    Would Jesus be a freemason if he had been with us in our time?

    No, He would have joined a carpenters guild in the Renaissance.

    Today, why wouldn’t he, what better place to find good men to make disciples and do good work. I think the problem, including the sermon you sent to me is that it is based strictly on faith and your view through it. You, in your faith, feel compelled to rail against something you perceive to be against something you find fault with. Because you lift texts out of context and reorganize them to fit your message is a false positive to your argument.

    Just as it is your “faith” that filters your view, it does not make it an absolute. Is it just as righteous to validate the owning of slaves, the stoning of prostitutes, or the taking of multiple wives OK because the Bible says it’s acceptable? Take the question further, what version of the bible do you follow? The Roman Catholic text assembled from Nicea, or the other Greek texts? What about the even older Gnostic texts, those parts of the bible excised out so many eons ago?

    To adjudge Freemasonry on a level of right or wrong based on a narrow line of modern interpretation, is flawed.

    Put the texts back into context, put Pike bak in with Pike, and Mackey back in with Mackey, and THEN lets look at the whole text and discuss what they are saying.

  4. S Says:

    Greg my dear,

    Jesus wasn’t looking for good men to do good work. he was looking for sinners who wanted to be saved. He could not work with the self-righteous people who thought they were good, like the pharisee. He sought out the publicans.

    God can’t have good people in His perfect heaven. If good people go to heaven, then heaven will be just like earth. We already have good people on earth, and we know earth is not perfect, despite all the good people.

    So, to have an eternal, perfect heaven, God even has to clean up the good people, because good though they may be, they still have sin. Jesus came to take away their sin, not to affirm their own self concept of goodness.

  5. Kevin Says:

    I am not a Christian and I think the free masons are certainly sketchy! What do they have to hide? Why plant so much symbolism in all sorts of media and mediums? Do you [***edited***] really think you have some kind of subliminal mind control? Most people are not open about their real intentions but it is sad that there are organizations that follow suit. However this is not surprising, it is the same with most if not all corporations.

  6. God hates Freemasonry… « Can a Christian be a Freemason? Says:

    […] wrote… […]

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