In reply to Aaron Johanon.

Aaron left a comment on the article titled; A freemason’s 33rd Degree Initiation. He said;

This site is just non-sense. If you folks are not bashing Masons, it is Mormons, or Hindus, or whatever other group. You should concern yourself with becoming a Christian before bashing other people’s beliefs. Because, from the tone of this site you are not anywhere near being a Christian. Your tone and arguments are arrogant and hateful. This is typical of people who feel the need to feel superior to others by claiming to be more pious, virtuous, holy, etc., while in fact being insecure and doubtful in their faith.You have not found Christ. You have found the emptiness of your own soul.

I am saddened by the fact that the article caused you emotional pain. Please be assured, that is not my intent. As an ex-mason I have realised the dangers that freemasonry poses. See this site as a STOP sign.

A stop sign should bring a reasonable person to stop and look around for danger. Thereafter, by all means, proceed in whatever path you may think appropriate. But remember, you have been warned.

Am I saying; “Stay out of freemasonry and you will go to heaven!” Absolutely not! There are many sins, in fact any sin, no matter how small, will keep me from going to Heaven. Freemasonry is just one of them. The problem is that the sins one commit in a freemasonry lodge are concealed and glossed over and therein lies the danger. If you have a cushy feeling as a mason that all is well and freemasonry does not jeopardise your Salvation, think again! And that is all this site is trying to say, with proof of course.

A Christian realises that there is ONLY ONE WAY to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. Anything contrary or in conflict with that fact leads to doom and damnation in hell. As far as the tone of my voice is concerned; I am prepared to scream and shout, if that is what it takes. If a house in on fire one’s concern is to be loud and clear about your warning! You can not always afford to be gentle and polite when issuing a serious warning.

I am not aware of any hateful statement that had been made by myself or any author of the material I have posted.

Once again – my motive is LOVE not hate!

I wish you love, joy and peace in Christ and should you be a mason I trust you have taken the warning to heart.

Love and God bless.


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