Is Freemasonry a Religion?

That is a question that is being heatedly debated by many, masons and non-masons alike. I presume the thinking is; ‘if freemasonry is NOT a religion, it should not give offence to non-masons and religious persons and organizations firstly, and secondly it would allow me to continue my masonic labours with a clear conscious, (morally and religiously speaking.)

My view on the matter is: “Does it really matter whether freemasonry is a religion or not?” And I dare say, no, it does not matter. From a Christian’s point of view; if freemasonry is indeed a religion, then it would be unthinkable for a Christian to be a member for, according to a Christian, there is ONLY ONE religion, one faith and that is faith in and obedience to Christ. One can not serve two masters, the Christian faith emphatically forbids it.

If indeed it is held that freemasonry is not a religion it does not make any difference to the fact that masonic doctrine and dogma is not reconcilable with the Christian faith. One can join any club or organization, a bowling club, or stamp collecting club, for that matter, and as a Christian, if that entity requires of you to;

Lay down an oath,
Forbids you to witness your faith in Christ whilst on the club grounds,
Forbids you to practice your faith whilst on the club grounds,
Expects you to pray to a universal god,

then for these reasons alone a Christian would not want to be associated with that entity.

Unfortunately there are too many men, even one’s that call themselves Christians, that pay scant heed to what is actually going on around them and how it affects their standing with Christ. Unless one wakes up and smell the smoke it is too easy to be mollycoddled into a cosy belief that all is well when in fact, according to reference to God’s Word, it is not.

Proverbs 14:12 says : There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Love and God Bless.


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