Aaron again.

Aaron Johanon had this to say;

No hate speech? Love? Ha!

I am not now, nor have I ever been a Mason.

But the Shriners saved my young daughter’s life 15 years ago and for that I will always support them and their fellow Masons.

You don’t convince any person to change their mind with vitriol, half truths, and hate speech. And the implication that these people will go to hell because of their beliefs is hate speech.

You are supposed to demonstrate to people why they should want to be Christians. Not trash whatever they are.

And I don’t buy the trash you serve up about Masons not being able to be good Christians.

You and your fellow nutballs, kooks, and lunatic evangelical zelots will burn forever in hell for every child who could not be served because of your ignorant hate rants and the people they cause to not donate.

Why doesn’t your church go out and build a $10,000,000,000.00 endowment to help sick children?

Oh…thats right. You’re too busy finding specks in other people’s eyes.

In reply to my newest friend’s comment.

Dear Friend,

I am glad you are not a mason and should you ever get the opportunity to join the fraternity, at least you will have had some information to consider before taking that step. Yet, for someone that is not a mason you sure are very defensive of a cause you know very little about, which begs the question, are you a Christian, a honest to goodness reborn Christian? For you sure are outspoken and opinionated about them creatures too. But then again I do not require competence and qualification as a prerequisite to accepting yours or anybody else’s comments, all I ask is a modicum of reasonableness. At least try to make sense. What is it exactly that you are not happy about. What is your point? Am I not allowed to warn the unsuspecting of harmful doctrine? What are you? A person that rejoices in the downfall of others?

I am very glad your daughter’s life was saved 15 years ago by what the masons did. I repeat myself; I have nothing against masons. Some of my best friends are masons. I was one myself. Masons are GOOD guys. It is the doctrine of the Masonic order and what it teaches that is dangerous to the spiritual welfare of these very same good guys that I am warning against. Now if you have a problem with that, exactly what is it and why is it a problem?

You accuse me of spreading vitriol (I admit, I had to look one up), half truths and hate speech. My dear Friend, I disagree full heartedly. Show me anything concrete by way of example and we can talk. Don’t make half-cock and sweeping statements. It only demonstrates your own intolerance and aggression. If you want to argue come with a better statement accompanied by facts and I’ll gladly entertain you.

This nagging and whining is indicative of a lack of imagination.

It is tru the masons, especially the ones in the USA does massive amounts of good work in their communities and contribute enormous amounts of money to charity. Nobody is bashing that. But the masons are not the only guys that do charitable work in society you know.

“Ignorant hate rants” you say, “finding specks in the eyes of others,” you say. Well, well, look who is talking.

Fun to spar with you partner, don’t go away.

Love and God Bless.


3 Responses to “Aaron again.”

  1. corrie Says:

    Ja my broer, al wat ek kan se omtrent die Aaron karakter, dit wil my voorkom of die waarheid seermaak,daarom verdraai hy alles om hom te pas,hoop hy aanvaar die uinodiging vir ‘n debat, ek vind dit net snaaks as hy die blog as nonsens ens afskryf wat het hy dan weer hier kom soek ? lyk my sy nuuskierigheid is geprikkel,dit is ‘n goeie teken

  2. Andrew Strange Says:

    I have to repeate myself Aaron, I saw nothing wrong in your comments, I would even suggest that the reply to your comments by an ex-mason bring to mind the words, “Me thinks he doth protest too much”. He defends himself way to aggresivley for a Chritian, where was the “turn the other cheek”? As you say without us you daughter may have possibly died. where were the Christians when you needed help, or were they just going to pray for her healing. I am deeply happy that she is recovering or recoverd. my I also send you and her God richest blessings as both a Christin and a Mason.

  3. Andrew Strange Says:

    Forgot to mention Aaron, if atb any time you wish to become a Mason and return the good that they did for your daughter look in the phone book, we are no secret and are listed. they will put you in contact with your nearrest Lodge.

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