Well Andrew, each to his own and thank you for sharing your point of view. Look who is defensive! Funny that the accuser so often gets exposed by himself as being exactly that which he accuses others of.

Your contribution will by more meaningful if you take the time to first assimilate carefully what is presented here before going off at a tangent and damaging your own cause so assiduously.

You see, this site defends nothing. It is merely a warning to you, dear Brother, to open your eyes and your ears whilst their is still time. You are being deceived into thinking that all the good you are doing will lead to something beneficial to yourself when you move to the Eternal East, as you masons call your eternal destination. In the process you sell your soul without even knowing it.

You may call this a “mason bashing” site if you wish. Yet I am confident that there are sufficient discerning readers out there possessing of the clear-thinking capacity that will enable them to distinguish the truth for themselves.

This site is a warning sign. What you do with that warning is entirely your own business.


One Response to “Andrew”

  1. Rebel Says:

    To Coorie:
    Buddy, don’t try to speak a language you feel others can’t translate. I don’t find what Aaron said is none sense especially that of his child! I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would find it funny?

    You call yourself Christians, trying to help and save souls, and then ridicule a person, make fun of them in your language? A simple translator, folks, is not hard to find… You’re not very bright…

    Thanks for revealing the truth about yourselves…just a bunch of posers…

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