Them Good ‘ol Boys.

Good ol’ Boys


3 Responses to “Them Good ‘ol Boys.”

  1. Greg Says:

    Interesting. Always interesting to see what people like to throw up as reasons why their right, and others are wrong.

  2. anothermouse Says:

    Yes it is interesting indeed. The question about freemasonry and whether it is compatible with Christianity is one that had been asked and debated by many for a long time. The normal response a mason gives to criticism from any church is; “They are ignorant of what is really going on and their arguments are therefore not valid as it comes from a position of insufficient knowledge.” A valid argument, but what if this statement (freemasonry is not compatible with Christianity) comes from an ex-mason like myself? One question that begs to be answered is; what can possibly the motive for making a statement like that. An answer that has to be considered is: who can possibly benefit by it. If there is no benefit to be derived by anybody, except the mason that might be tempted to re-evaluate his position and if this leads to decision that ultimately acts in favour of that mason’s Salvation, (thus acting to tremendous benefit of the mason) the possibility has to be considered that that might have been the only motive in the first place.

  3. Jim Says:


    You mention that you were a Mason and left because you found it incompatible with your Christian beliefs. I am a Mason and do not find it so. Why do you feel there’s an incompatibility?

    When you were made a Mason you were like instructed (as I was) to study your and learn more about your religion. How is this incompatible?

    Looking forward to more details.


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