In Response to Your Comments.


You see Greg, even though it sounds harsh, it is the unadulterated truth – it is indeed a black and white scenario. There simply is no middle ground and that is straight from the Bible.

You speak about wearing one’s faith on one’s sleeve – a different way of putting it is to say, ‘put your lamp on a stand for all to see.’ And that is exactly what I am doing. And no, I do not expect accolades or whatever. I am merely communicating a truth, a very uncomfortable, almost unbearable truth, but a truth nonetheless. And all I can wish for is that it will get you thinking about your own eternal destiny, your own salvation.

Maybe one day we will meet in heaven and you will thank me. That is really all this blog is about. That is hardly a way to alienate someone, or what you say?


Thank you for your loyal support old friend.

God Bless you!


Thank you for your contribution. You sound like a genuine enough guy but please hear this; stating that you are a Christian Freemason and warm and cozy in the belief that all is hunky dory begs me to scream and SHOUT out LOUD : YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE! GET OUT! GET OUT! RUN!

The church of England has done his and that you say. Really? You read your own copy of the King James Bible my friend and comply with God’s instructions yourself. Do you think God will listen to your excuse; “Oh my Lord but the Church said this or the Church said that?” Open your eyes my friend, whilst you still have time, and READ!

Kenneth Maltz

Thank you for your comment Kenneth and welcome.

I must remark on your comment stating there is just too much emphasis on Christianity.

You see, my friend, this weblog deals exclusively with Christianity and the contention that it is not (should not) be possible for a Christian to be a Freemason on the basis that Freemasonry transgresses God’s Law. Therefore a saved Christian will/should flee Lodge the moment he gets saved. Now this may be hard to understand for the unsaved and hence this blog. So, if I can at least get you thinking I would already have served some purpose.

You mention the various religions; do you think God (Jehovah God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) is tolerant of the other religions? I put it to you : HE IS NOT !

In Isaiah we learn from his own words; “I am the ONLY God. There is no other.”

That clear enough for you? Now if God says that he is the ONLY God does that sound like He would be tolerant to other gods or religions? You can be assured the answer is NO.

Yet Freemasonry fames itself on its TOLERATION of ALL religions.

Do you see the problem?

So your options are; do you want to knowingly continue to aggrieve the Almighty God, Creator of the Universe (not Architect, mind you, CREATOR) and experience His unspeakable wrath for your iniquities on His Day of Judgment, or will you do the opposite, seek and comply with His will and His Blessing.

You don’t want to get this wrong, I promise you.

Finally, I do not understand the last bit of your comment about only Christians being members. One thing I know is that ALL the brethren I knew from having been a mason myself are good guys and most are Christians. But unless you see the Light you just don’t get it, do you? I did not, for all that time.

And that is exactly what I am trying to do here. Who else would there be? As a mason you are forbidden to talk about religion, not so? Ever wondered why?


One Response to “In Response to Your Comments.”

  1. Martin Says:

    Dear anothermouse,

    Thanks for your feedback,let us debate in an orderly manner. The main points in this Anti-Freemasonry debate were as follows:

    1. Free Masonary’s tolerance towards all religions believing in the existance of Deity.
    2. Free Masonary is a religion.
    3. False oaths.
    My comments on point# 1 was, if GOD (JEHOVAH) in the Old Testament approves of the Jews and of Ismael and his off spring who are we to question His judgement? The books of the Old Testament were writtin between 1450 and 430 BC and the fact that our forefathers adopted the Old Testament to be part of our Christian religion does not make It an Christian document as it predates Christianity with many years. It is your prerogative to ignore the historical and factual development of Christianity and Christian Church history. I never said or implied that the Old Testament is irrelavent and do not apply to Christianity, those my friend are your words and not mine. I also can quote from the Bible and call you names but Christianity and Freemasonry taught me to be tollerant to all people. Answer on your comments;
    1. I have read all of about forty of the Old Testament Messiah prophecies as well as the commentry of Non Chriastian Biblical scholars(Jews) and Christian Biblical scholars. With all respect I will rather go with their explanations than yours.
    2. G.A.O.T.U. is the Devil. What a lot of hogh wash. Lucifer never was the Devil. Lucifer is a term used by the Romans/Greeks to describe the planet Venus as the brightest object in the heavens just before sunrise therefor the “bringer or bearer of light” and today is still used by the Dutch for a match stick. During 1500 when the KJV of the Bible was published for the first time this Roman/Greek word suddenly appeard in Jesaia14:12 as a translation for “the bright morning star” The then Church fathers saw the oppertunity to spook the people and it became the Devil. That word never appeard in any translation of the Bible in any lanuage before or after the KJV translation. Makes you think, doesn’t it. Oh by the way I do own and read my KJV of the bible toghether with my 3 Afrikaans and 2 English Bibles.
    3. Albert Pike, this man, little known outside the Southern part of North America and elevated to a sort of ikon by anti-freemasonary never was and never will be a founder of Freemasonary. I have read Morals and Dogma, have you? I dont think so.
    4. “Do you know that Lucifer goes by the name Baphomet” No I did not and neither did anybody else as nobody except the ani-masons know the real meaning of the word Baphomet.
    5.”Do you know that if you arrange the initials G.A.O.T.U. you get Universal Goat” must say you got me again. The anti-masons should use their creative brains to cure cancer and not work out silly conundrums.

    So mote it be in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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