The Question of Eternity

Where are you going to be 1000 years from now? That is a serious question – one that is neglected by most, I think.

This post is in response to a comment by Martin but has relevance to all my dear friends still in Lodge.

My dear friend,

It would be nice (but maybe not very productive) to get involved in an endless debate about all the many little details there are that one can argue around and debate about forever and a day and I must admit; it is tempting. But let us just stick to the straight and narrow for now and please allow me the indulgence of just clearing the air for a moment.

You see, it is important for us to be on the same page when we talk about this very important and serious issue and for the sake of transparency and clarity allow me to restate a few things here before we continue.

This weblog was created for a very specific reason, namely to express my heartfelt concern and certainty about the fact that there is absolutely no way that a honest to goodness born-again Christian can become or remain a Freemason after he has been saved (born again).

Why, you pray ask, is it not possible for a Christian to be a Freemason?

Well, allow me to explain why, then if you wish we can debate all the other stuff.

As I have mentioned before, I was a Freemason for many years and I admit boldly; I really enjoyed my masonry immensely! For me it was an all consuming passion. I enjoyed the people, the camaraderie, the ritual, just everything about it. The old and ancient landmarks seemed to me like glowing beacons of hope in a world gone mad. I invested vast amounts of my energy and time in it and was making good and steady progress in the hierarchy of the Craft, having attained a fairly senior position and high office when, by the Grace of God I got saved and realized the error of my ways.

“So, what is the big deal?” you may ask. You might even know many brethren yourself who claim to be saved Christians yet they remain in Lodge. What does it mean to be saved anyway? And how come that makes such a big difference? Being a mason does not equate to being against God, right? Masons are tolerant, well-meaning people who strive for high moral values and contribute enormously to all kinds of charities, you say. They stand for brotherly love, right? Equality of man, righteousness, improving themselves? How can any of this be wrong in God’s judgment?

Let’s start with what it means to be saved.

At the risk of sounding condescending, allow me to say this, since it is important to understand everything!

Where are you, or me or anybody, for that matter going to go when we die?

There are only two possibilities – Heaven or Hell? Right?

Right! And whether we believe it or not is irrelevant. That is what the Bible teaches us. And if we choose to disagree? Well, we will find out very soon after we have exhaled our last breath on this planet. Besides if you disagree with what the Bible says this whole debate is pointless in any case, not so?

So how does one avoid going to Hell and instead go to Heaven?

It is important to know that we are all born in sin and destined for Hell if left to our own devices. To test this for yourself, let us have a look at the ten commandments.

Have you ever told a lie? Even a tiny little white lie? We all have, right?

Have you ever used the Lord’s name in vain (or as a curse word)? Who hasn’t, right?

Have you ever stolen something, even something small?

The Bible says he who looks at another with lust have already committed adultery with that person in his heart? Now be honest? You have done that, right? We all have! We are human, right? And that is only four of them. What about the other six?

So, if we have to face God on judgment day, would we be innocent or guilty?

If you are honest you will have to admit we would all be guilty, right?

So we would all be doomed! Our punishment, according to the Bible is to burn in the Lake of Fire (that is Hell) for all eternity.

That would have been the terrible truth had it not been for God’s great redeeming love for mankind, for each one of us. He does not want any one of us to perish! Yet, there is NO place for sin in Heaven and His Supreme Morality demands Supreme Justice. So what did He do?

He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, to pay the penalty for our iniquities. All we have to do to receive that forgiveness is to accept it in faith. This salvation is available to all who would believe.

Approach God in a simple prayer wherein you ask for His forgiveness, promising to repent from sin and trusting that He has washed you clean, is all you have to do. Bow down your heart before our Lord and accept Him into your heart and YOU ARE SAVED! You begin a whole new life! You are a child of the Living God! Your eternal life with him has already started! Your destiny is with Him!

He LOVES you. But you must make the decision in your own heart! You must go to HIM. And HE WILL NOT REJECT YOU! That is His promise! He says He is knocking on your door. All you have to do is to open the door of your heart and let him in. It really is that simple.

The alternative is just too unbearable to think about!

Then, being saved one has to repent. How can one accept the Lord into your life yet continue to live a life of sin, expecting to receive God’s blessing regardless? That would mean you were never really saved in the first place! No. Once you have been saved something truly wonderful happens to you. You become a new person. You have new values, a new outlook, a new desire. You desire to please God. Any thought of sin, any kind of transgression of God’s will is just exactly what you want to avoid. Your heart sings with joy and you have a deep inner peace because you know you belong to Him now. You rejoice because you know when this short life comes to an end you will be with Him, our glorious Father for ever. You can hardly wait! You want to share this happy news with everybody, your friends, your family, even strangers! Why must anybody go to Hell if Heaven is waiting?

I hope it came across clearly enough. It was my first attempt at explaining it to anyone.

Back to our problem.

Now in the light of the above, one can start an endless debate and continue arguing in circles for ever around all the lesser points mentioned before.

However, let me ask you just one question?

God’s first commandment says: You shall have no other gods before me.

Now that is VERY clear langue, I would say. God demands complete allegiance. He is the ONLY God and there is no other! (His own words in Isaiah 43:11)

Yet, look at what Freemasonry does; they allow, by virtue of their “praiseworthy” tolerance, ALL religions! In the Masonic Temples of Freemasonry our Lord is put on an even stature with all those other gods of any religion you can care to name. On the altars all the holy books of those religions are welcome!

That is a transgression of God’s First Commandment!

Now here is the question. Please explain to me how you would explain this iniquity to God on judgment day.

You know what? You will not be able to!

You will be thrown in the pool of fire and you will burn there for ever!

That is a very scary prospect, not so? Well, there is a way out. I explained it all above. It is not too late. You can do it now, this instant as you read this; right now!

Tomorrow may be too late. Tomorrow may be your last day.

Please make right with God! He loves you and Jesus died for you. Please do not let it be in vain. Your place in eternity has been prepared for you a long time ago already. All you need to do is take ownership of it.

It is my earnest prayer that I will meet you there one day so we can praise and honour our Lord together.

God Bless you!


2 Responses to “The Question of Eternity”

  1. Martin Says:

    Dear Friend,
    Thank you and I can ensure you all Christian Freemasons will not disagree with your explanation of Eternity at all.

    1. “Our problem”.

    1.1 Freemasonary tolerates all but do not prescribe any religion.
    1.2.1 Christian Freemasons pray to God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ.
    1.2.2 Jewish Freemasons pray to God Jehovah as is in the Old Testament.
    1.2.3 Muslims pray to Allah as God Jehovah in the Old Testament. etc. etc.
    1.3 How does that make Christian Freemasons transgressing God’s First Commandment?
    1.4 I live my spiritual/religious (Christianity) life all the time, in the lodge, on the sport fields, on holiday, relaxing with friends and family, in my daily business which includes overseas travel all the world over.I am not ashamed of my religion and debate it with Jewish and Muslim peers and only receive the greatest pespect from them. You see the 10 Commandments are holy for them as well.

    2.Transgression of God’s First Commandment.

    Unfortnately some of the commandments are open to different interpretations in our daily lives. Let me quote from Christ’s Summantation in the New Testament. Inclosed in the first four “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” This is easy and beautifull and not open to any interpetation,that is what we as Christians do. Last six inclosed in this statement ” Love your neighbor as yourself” Who are our neighbors? This take us back to Freemasonary and the Lodge and leaves us with the following questions.
    2.1 When are non-Christians our neighbors, in the Lodge? on the sport fields? in national and international trade? any other field of mutual interest such as medical research etc.? Should we ignore their existance?

    Apologies for asking this question but I think this is relevant to the debate.
    Is this whole problem about reborn Christianity in a certain way? Babtism as a baby or grown up?

    So mote it be in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. corrie Says:

    well done corrie p, the question ot entity baie goed uiteen gesit ,die wat nog daarteen stry soek net ‘n debat on hulle gewete te sus, daar is net een GOD en dit is nie krishna , of whatever nie, ons GOD is ‘n jaloerse god en se duidelik jy mag nie die juk met ongelowiges trek nie, ongelowiges ? ja dit is enige een wat nie glo JESUS CHRISTUS is di9e seun van god nie, dit is soos die hindus en andere wat se JESUS is ‘n profeet, die mense wat dit glo is ongelowiges so ons kan en mag nie saam met hulle in die tempel of in gedagte bid nie, so by the way wat beteken die woord tempel ? dit beteken aanbiddings plek vir ‘n god, nie my GOD nie want jy mag nie jou geloof in die tempel praat nie,nou watse aanbiddings plek is dit , ja net so dit is ‘n aanbiddings plek vir alle gelowe. punt

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