That is a local expression of extreme surprise and disbelief, of being bowled over. And that almost explains my present emotional state. It seems I have stepped on some toes and might even have touched a raw nerve here or there. Whilst it is definitely not my intention to offend, I am well aware of the fact that the contentious nature of this subject and the very act of any kind of Christian witness, may have that effect. It is unfortunate, yet I must profess that I am not an apologetic in this matter and the fact of the matter is that the truth is indeed sometimes difficult to stomach. I have sympathy for that, but I would rather have you hear something now, even if not pleasant or agreeable right now, but that might be of value to you eventually.

I am under no illusion that a freemason will, after having read this blog, snap into gear instantly and see the light clearly of his true path to salvation. Not by a long shot. If I can only get you to think and reconsider your situation, that your present position may not actually be as cosy and safe as you would have liked to belief, I have achieved a lot already.


I had a good look, my friend, but for the life of me I can not find where I was supposed to have misquoted you or put words in your mouth.

OK, I agree. Let’s stick to the subject and not wander all over the place, finishing off one item at a time. You made a remarkably passionate attempt at justifying the oath and I was at the point of conceding an inch or two, had it not been for the fact that you can not get past Matt 5. Besides, the taking of an oath (obligation) is a minor point and is not the focus of our debate. Your understanding of the third commandment also had me with my hands in my hair, but let’s not go there right now; it is another distraction from the main focus.

I am still awaiting your reply to the question;

How should a freemason justify to God on judgment day that he was tolerant to any number of other gods and religions (in other words, acknowledged their right to exist, accommodated their custom and practice, even prayed with them in the same temple to the same god) whilst you were fully aware that God demanded of you not to have any other gods before Him.

If you or anyone else can do that for me I might have to eat humble pie and apologise!


Thank you for your comment. I realise that I might have seemed to be judgmental to many if not all masons who read this. That is unfortunate for it really is not my intent. I have been a mason myself for many years and know what a wonderful organization it is and how many wonderful people there are in it. I have mentioned this fact before on more than one occasion. It was only after I’ve been saved that I could really see the other side myself, and what is that, you ask? It is the fact that freemasonry, although it appears to be wonderful and glorious in the eyes of men, is in fact an abomination before God. That is not my own personal opinion but it is the opinion that any serious Christian will inevitably have to reach when a hard look is given at everything that freemasonry does and stands for in relation to what is taught, revealed and expressed in the Word of God, the Bible.

I wish also to reiterate here that I am not standing in judgment of any one individual. I am merely issuing a warning to all masons to consider the fact that what they are doing is a grievance to God as is proved by many of the articles posted here and tons of other material that can be found from a multitude of sources. I know there is a lot of trash amongst all that, but if you are honest with yourself, you will have to admit that it is possible that some of these people might have a valid point.

As a practicing mason I was just as skeptical of any criticisms against my ‘beloved order’ because I knew what it was all about and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. What I am hoping for is that you will at least consider what I say here as coming from a person who used to be in Lodge like yourself. I am not some nut-case who want to run you down whilst I have no real knowledge of what you (freemasonry) are all about. I don’t want to run you down, period. The problem is that before I found Christ I myself knew precious little about what God wanted. I did not know his Word like I do now. The vast majority of my compatriots also did not have an appreciation for what God wants and it was never discussed because discussing anything to do with religion is not allowed and frowned upon. In fact it was a firm rule in the constitution I was a member of.

You ask why not atheists, druids etc? Well, I do not know anything about them really, but I know about masonry. I know that millions of masons are under the false impression that freemasonry does not offend God and are therefore in jeopardy. Freemasons, warm and cosy in the belief that they are so great because of all the rectitude and the wonderful things they do, can be likened to a blind person standing unwittingly in the path of a speeding truck. I am doing my best to get that person (you) out of harms way, even if it may ruffle your feathers a bit in the process. Sometimes there just is no gentle option available but to shout or push or shove. You might be disgruntled at the time but once you realised you have been saved from certain danger your anger might change to gratitude.

I do realise I might look like a fraud or a liar to you! Why? Because I tell you what you don’t want to hear. You don’t know me. Yet, your inner-most gut-feel, your intuition or even the small voice of your conscience may be telling you that I might have a point and you hate it! How dare he? Well, what can possibly be my motive? Think about it.

I will most definitely follow your advice and see what I can learn from Dinesh, Strobel and Shore. Thank you. I most definitely do not know it all and I am wide open to learn. I also do not want to push anyone away from Christianity. The major aim here is to point out the dangers freemasonry poses you, the individual.

Oh, and yes, I am NOT so very intelligent because why would I ‘rant and rave’ here just to collect scorn and insult from the likes of you. But I do it anyway. Now why would anyone do that? Hmmn?


My dear friend, if you have a point to make, please do so. Otherwise, continue; feel free to writhe and froth from the mouth. Fortunately my screen is spittle-proof.

And finally, if any of you are really interested in the TRUTH, why don’t you get a copy of Bill Schnoebelen’s book; Freemasonry – Beyond the light.


and Jim Shaw’s book; The Deadly Deception.


Both these gentlemen were high-ranking masons on their day but are now saved Christians and are leading the way in spreading the same warning I am trying to convey.

Looking forward to hear from you all,

God Bless.


6 Responses to “EISCH !!!”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I own and have read both books.

    You just can’t stop giving me ammunition can you. Bill Schnoebelen’s book? You can’t be serious? Have you been drinking? Have you read his biography: He was a Witch for 16 years, he was a Mormon for 5 years, he was a Mason for 8 or 9 years, He has written on the Wiccan connection with UFO’s, he has been researching the obsession with Islam in obtaining a nuclear weapon, he has decided that he was at one point a Vampire, He latter became a “Palladium Mason” despite the fact the this was a made up organization and the man who made it up told eveyone it was a lie, He claims at one point to have been a member of the Church of Satan, He has been a Voodoo High Priest. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    Either you believe his claims or come to the conclusion that his credibility is rather dented.

    As for Jim Shaw, he has lied about the level he rose to in the Masonic organization, he has lied about the content of the rituals, he was never the elected officer of a lodge, he never recieved the 33rd degree, he claims to have revealed the 33rd degree initiation for the first time when as far as we know it was first revealed in 1813 and every decade or so from then on. He appears to have coppied his description from a variety of these exposures.

    Shaw goes on at some length about the blood oaths in Scottish Rite Fressmasonry which is odd for a man who conferred these degrees for a number of years. Albert Pike removed these oaths in the 19th century and they were not present when Shaw confered the degrees.

    The “Reverend” Shaw relates that Hiram Abif is brought from the grave and ressurected back to life. This is another blatent lie for such an “experienced” Mason to fall pray to. Hiram is NOT physically ressurected. He is simply given a proper reburial while the candidate is spiritually reborn to a new life in a quest for knowledge of his God, himself, and the ability to live by simple teachings of virtue. It is clear that Shaw is attempting to offend as many Christians as possible by suggesting that the candidate is resurrected as was Christ. The candidate is instructed that nothing could be further from the case. Shaw wants evangelical and fundamentalist Christians to hate Masons and buy his books.

    For hundreds of years anti-Masonic authors related the story of Hiram simply as the Masons presented it. They were still trying to damage the fraternity. Shaw however, has added the bit about a ressurection like Christ. A complete falshood to make certain Christians hate Masons.

    Good authors you picked here. Perhaps you should select some more objective books.

    It is also interesting that you speak for “any serious Christian”. There are by most estimates at least 200,000 clergy who are Masons. But because you will not tolerate anyone who refuse to believe exactly as you do you would reject their belief, honesty, sincerity, and standing as Christians. You have fallen prey to a poisonous version of Christianity which seeks to control everything you do, everything you think, where you donate your money, and what preacher’s ego you stroke. I feel very sorry for you.

  2. Aaron Says:

    By the way, I should point out that I don’t hate you. I would love to sit down over a beer (although I somewhow doubt that you current religion would allow it). I am simply very passionate and do not like being attacked especially with untruths.

  3. Rebel Says:

    “You don’t know me. Yet, your inner-most gut-feel, your intuition or even the small voice of your conscience may be telling you that I might have a point and you hate it!” Actually…no… The same argument has been made by Atheists telling me that what I believe is a myth. It’s also the same coming from Catholics and yet others tell Catholics that they are going to hell…and…the Phelps family says that we’re all going to hell because we let homosexuals into America. What makes your argument any different.

    If a boyscout died tomorrow, is he going to hell? If so, tell me how do you know? Do you claim to be a prophet and, if so, how do we know that you are legit and not a false prophet?

    Boy Scouts were founded by Freemasons.

    Men doing good deeds, in an open fraternity with diversity, promoting the King James Version of the Bible, all doing as God instructed…not judging another soul but following God’s word, and you claim they are the ones going to hell. But you sir are the one offending many, turning them away from Christianity… Who truly is in danger of the judgment?

    You claim not to know anything about pagans but accuse Masonry of being something that is pagan? Apparently you know little about Masonry. It takes more than just being initiated to know something about it. It takes learning, studying it’s past, and understanding the literature. And to know history is to know the society and the way they thought during those times. That too is something you appear to fail to understand. That’s why you come across being a liar and a fraud, that and just passing judgment onto those of whom you know not. You said it yourself, good people that do good works, but going to hell…Why? because they are diverse.

    Well in that case you are going too. You live in a diverse world with societies that allow different thought, different opinions, different religions. You go to stores, enter different places that allow for those who are different and believe in different gods. You still partake in diversity…

    The key term is diversity… To rid of it is to fall back into a communist and fascist society, something Atheists would love to see. You fail to acknowledge that Masonry is not a religion but another organization that is diverse. And you fail to give God credit, you take Him out of the equation completely… Out of all that has happened through out history, Masonry still stands. If God did not want it, it would not be here.

    God is in control, not you.

    Religion still stands regardless of how hard Atheists fight against it, scream and yell. Hitchens said that it poisons everything. Harris claims that irrational religious types such as you and me are holding science back. Dawkins claims that it ruins eduction…But they fail to realize that everything they learned came from those who were religious, those who worshiped God. It was those religious scientists that paved the way. And guess what…they were Masons too. Study a little more about the Royal Society.

    It was an actor before my time that told an entire nation that he was going to teach his new born daughter the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and to show respect to those who served their country. He said this before a live studio audience. He was, what you call, a high ranked Mason. He was John Wayne. How many big actors today would do the same?

    You can not pick at everything and find sin in anyone and everything. I can walk into any church and point out hypocrites left and right. I can dig up quotes, past events, current events and point out the sins and state reasons why I think people are going to hell. If I were the judge and jury, only two out of an entire world would probably make it to heaven…

    But one flaw in your reasoning, arguments…and in my said judgments…

    Christ was left out of the equation.

    It’s in the heart, haven’t you learned that yet. It’s what is on the inside, remember? If man is doing what is right, what he feels is right with God, who are you to say he is not? Do you not think God is in control of that man’s life?

    For a group of men you say were doing good things to be doing evil, I must ask…When has evil done anything good? Can darkness shine light?
    Remember what Christ said when others accused Him of being a devil? Do you also remember when Christ responded that if someone is doing something in the name of God then how can he be against Him? Do you deny those things which is written just for the sake of you trying to be right?

    “I am NOT so very intelligent because why would I ‘rant and rave’ here just to collect scorn and insult from the likes of you. But I do it anyway. Now why would anyone do that? Hmmn?” The answer is simple…most do this to offend others, to cause endless argument and thus turn people away from Christianity. The affects of this offense does do a lot of harm than good, regardless if you know it or not. You show bigotry and claim to be a Christian. You show intolerance, the same others have shown, which gives religion a negative image. No diversity in a world that has always been diverse but has a history of intolerant tyrants at the helm of powerful nations…remember the inquisitions? How about the fascist leaders through out history? Christianity was never meant to be violent nor a fascist religion…

    So what’s so wrong of showing kindness and love toward others who believe differently? Is it a sin to not be a bigot? No. We are to love each other while we live here in this world, not hate. That’s something Masonry believes in and that’s what you keep attacking… Is it not?

  4. Rebel Says:

    I’ll also chime in and agree with Aaron except for the whole beer part as I don’t believe in drinking alcohol either but I don’t condemn those who do to hell like you. Also there are also good Missionaries around the globe who are Masons that are helping preach Christ’s word at the same time help needy children in places that are very dangerous to be a Christian, Muslim territories where such teachings are not allowed in the open. Perhaps you think they too are in the wrong?

    It’s interesting that my replies are not posted, perhaps I’m in the right…or perhaps not? Regardless…Like I said before, I can find the hypocrisy in any place I go. However, unlike you, I know God is in control and I know that there are no perfect people in the world and God knows this. Christ did not come to this world to condemn it but through Him the world might be saved and so it was. No one has to be perfect to inherit life eternal and no one but Him can save a soul.

    But He also warned us people who shout on the street corners, publicly trying to get attention acting as if they are perfect and only them will gain salvation. No, Jesus is salvation and only through Him can you gain it.

    Let me point out one last flaw that really hurts your entire defense and offense against Masons and the whole ordeal that your crusade to save is false: You shouldn’t deceive people by placing lies about yourself on your site. Your address states that you are a Mason but you reject them. Just another hypocrite, “IAmAMason2”. Just a lie, a fraud. Again, you need to have all of your house in order before publicly attacking others accusing them of great sin…you failed. Deceiving others, taking words out of context, using unreliable sources, misconceptions and false allegations to make an entire group of good people look evil, and claiming you are trying to save them? You need to start with yourself…

    The difference between you and me is forgiveness and that I don’t condemn or judge you for such deceitfulness as you have done to us. No one is perfect…we’re all God’s children…

    You want to do some good, start with Christian Apologetics and discussions that focus on reasons to believe. There’s a world of Agnostics, Atheists, and misguided souls, mainly the younger generation, that dive into pagan religions such as Druidism, Satanism, and Wicca… Thanks to bookstores across our nation teens have access to such books as “Teen Wicca.”

    Perhaps spending more energy toward actually helping spread the word to those who need to hear it instead of condemning those who do and deceiving others, you might do more good.

    You can start out by checking out John Shores BLOG and reading his book “I’m OK, you’re not.” And get some tidbits on Christian Apologetics from Dinesh D’Souza and Lee Strobel. Learn a bit of Science from Dr. Francis Collins and what he has to say about Christianity and Science and check out Hugh Ross and learn something from “Reasons to Believe”.

    You see, I was already a devoted Christian before joining Masonry. I didn’t go into Masonry blindly but rather done my research as I was deep into Theology and Apologetics. I learned much about all of the world religions and investigated as much as one possibly can. I feel that God led me to Masonry, not a religion but a fraternity, as it is something that helps me make a difference in the world with like minded individuals, something I’ve always wanted to do besides just sitting at home and reading and doing nothing. There’s more to being a Christian than just sitting around reading and going to Church, there’s helping others in need, setting a good example, and striving to be a better person…

    Masonry and Christianity are complimentary just as Science and Religion.

  5. anothermouse Says:


    Your comment that got caught up in my spam filter has been released. I don’t know why that happened.

    I don’t know about boy-scouts and I know God is in control, not me and I know religion will stand no matter what the atheists do or say.

    Diversity is fine and tolerance is commendable, but tolerance to a diversity of gods is against God’s will. It is called idolatry.

    God Bless.

  6. Martin Says:

    Apologies for the belated reply. Please ask your Church Minister or Pastor to explain Matt 5. I do not have to justify anything to God on judgement day. God knows my every step of every day, I ask for guidence and forgiveness in my prayers and by reading the Holy Bible. God knows I am a human being with weak points because he created me. God knows that I am trying to live according to His will (Holy Bible) He knows that I respect all live on earth,that I tolerate all people of different religions but not other gods. God knows to Whom I pray when opening and closing the lodge. God even knows about your “twisted” view on Freemasonary. God knows about your “hidden” agenda against Christian Freemasons.Something serious must have happened in your live, leave Christian Freemasons alone and start to live like a real reborn Christian. You see my friend I am a reborn Christian since 1965 and a Freemason since 1988, were you born yet? Please see your own words below.

    “Finally, yes, on one other thing we seem to agree. We should love our neighbors as ourselves. That is every single human being on this planet of whatever creed, colour, culture or religion. We should love them enough to lay down our lives for them, as Jesus did for us.”

    So mote it be in the name of Jesus Christ

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