Life is a choice…

This is in answer to your comments on “EISCH !!!”


I have Bill Schnoebelen’s book and have also seen some of his video’s.

You put it rather precisely when you said, ”Either you believe his claims or come to the conclusion that his credibility is rather dented.” and “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

I believe what he says is true. I don’t think he made it up.

I know, he has an impressive CV of life on the dark side and that makes him, in my eyes at least, all the more credible as a witness. But then again, I can understand full well that you would renounce all he says as balderdash as a matter of course. Besides you are a loyal mason and will defend it to the teeth, so that reaction is expected, right. Your passionate loyalty is commendable but I beseech you to be balanced and objective in your viewpoint, for your own sake. Look at the evidence. What fool will publish a bunch of lies about a person or organization in today’s day and age. If you wish to accuse him of stating untruths please be more specific and provide some proof. Otherwise you make yourself guilty of exactly what you accuse him of. It doesn’t proof a thing, except your loyalty to freemasonry.

I realize it is not nice to hear stuff contrary to one’s belief or point of view, but look at all the angles critically before you condemn blindly, for your own sake. I know this sounds like preaching but I have no better way of putting it. And I don’t even expect you to admit anything. You will know in your own heart what the truth is if you evaluate the whole thing honestly in your own mind and heart. I just hope, trust and pray that you will see the light in your own good time before it is too late.

Thank you for the sentiment to meet over a “cold one” to discuss this issue face to face. I would dearly love such an opportunity but I suspect we are continents apart, and I mean physical distance, not approachability.

You see, I am not anti-mason. I am rather pro the idea of enjoying your company some day in a different and better place in far superieur and agreeable circumstances, but that would not be possible if we do not share the same abode or domicile at the time.

I must still get Jim’s book, but by going on his story of the 33rd initiation, found here on the blog, I tend to believe him. Of course the same goes here. I can see that any mason worth his salt will defend their fraternity vehemently. Once again – lets look at hard evidence and lets leave emotional outbursts aside.

You mention me speaking about “serious” Christians and then continue to mention all the clergymen in masonry. Well you see, one can not go by that alone because they are just fallible human beings like all of us. When churches the world over sanction abortion and same sex marriages, both of which are anti biblical in the strongest way, you can see that one has to make one’s own decisions and take responsibility for oneself. We will all answer to God directly for our own actions on that day of judgment in any case.

I ask you the same question I asked Martin; how should a mason explain to God on judgment day that he knowingly transgressed the FIRST commandment “Thou shall not have any other gods before me”, where as a mason you paid homage, by mere acknowledgment of its existence if nothing else, to any god one can care to name?

Please explain that to me and I PROMISE to give a public apology to all masons and withdrawal of everything I said thus far! If you can not come up with a watertight argument I suggest you ponder the inevitable consequences and the alternatives available to avoid them.

You say I am not tolerant to persons believing differently to myself etc. I wish to disagree with you there. Sure, we are in disagreement; that does not mean I am intolerant to you – I merely disagree. I don’t hate you either! The opposite is true. The very fact that I am spending time here with you proves it. I wish you well and goodness and not to perish! I am not judging you at all but looking after your own best interests. If that seems like an attack – I can not help it. Call it a love attack!


Thank you for the sentiment of sharing time together in discussion of this issue. I would really appreciate that, if at all possible. I also don’t drink and do not judge others who do.

I apologize for not getting your comment on sooner. Only your first two comments are slightly delayed by an auto-moderation function. From now on they should go on straight away. I do not edit comments and will only moderate in extreme cases, never as a cop-out. You can take my word on that.

I agree God is in full control and that we live in a fallen and imperfect world and that not one of us is perfect. Yes, we are just saved by the grace of God and not by anything we do or did. I do not condemn even if it may seem so up front but I do warn against danger and I do not push my own views. I propagate what the Bible says and it is easy to correlate it for yourself – check it out! If I am in error I would love to know!

Just look at the evidence!

I ask you the same question I asked Martin and Aaron; how should a mason explain to God on judgment day that he knowingly transgressed the FIRST commandment “Thou shall not have any other gods before me”, where as a mason you paid homage, by mere acknowledgment of its existence if nothing else, to any god one can care to name?

The same applies; please explain that to me and I PROMISE to give a public apology to all masons and withdrawal of everything I said thus far! ! If you can not come up with a watertight argument I suggest you ponder the inevitable consequences and the alternatives available to avoid them.

The URL adres for this site was never meant to deceive anyone. I actually started this blog whilst still in Lodge, hence the name. Due to all the incoming and outgoing links that already existed and that I needed and did not wish to lose as would have happened if I had started “iused2Bamason2”, I decided to keep the original, with its slightly ambiguous name. Sorry for the confusion and I hope that answered your question. I wondered when that one would come.

You say;Deceiving others, taking words out of context, using unreliable sources, misconceptions and false allegations to make an entire group of good people look evil, and claiming you are trying to save them? You need to start with yourself…”

I am not deceiving anyone. I am desperately trying to help YOU whom I believe have been deceived!

I know it hurts when one hears that what you hold dear is called anything but the same, but look at my possible motives. Why would I possibly do this if not for my declared motive.

I am not claiming masons are evil, not at all. They are dear, dear people. God loves all of them. The precepts, principles and ground rules and values that all masons are bound to by oath is where the problem lies, not with the people. This bondage to those things are like a mule-stone around one’s neck that will cause one to perish and I am simply trying to make you aware of it so that you might save yourself.

I know that this might sound like I am damning you to Hell, but listen carefully; the opposite is true! I am trying to save you from it. I know this is a radical concept but it is true.

You say; The difference between you and me is forgiveness and that I don’t condemn or judge you for such deceitfulness as you have done to us. No one is perfect…we’re all God’s children…”, and you are right, I agree. I regret the fact that my efforts seem like an attack. It is a WARNING.

As a mason we need forgiveness from God. I needed it, asked for it and received it. He will forgive all who ask Him. Just don’t skip that step, is what I’m saying. And yes, we are indeed all God’s children.

I did indeed have a look at some of the stuff you mentioned and would like to get John Shore’s book. I agree we can do damage by saying that “Im OK, you’re not.” When witnessing to the normal man (non-mason) in the street I follow Ray Comfort’s example as it is Biblical and is the way Jesus did it and yes, I know, it is very easy to come across as judgmental and that is of course to be avoided.

My efforts here are born from obedience and love and yet, this scenario is different. Freemasons generally believe they are standing on the “hills” of high moral ground and thus blinded by their own visions of their glorious rectitude, abetted by the fact that they do exceedingly well in charitable endeavors and other examples of kindness, it is very hard to get a message across that goes contrary to that image. Any contender is immediately seen as an archenemy. If I knew of a better, more efficient way to get my message across, believe me, I would use it.

It warms my heart to hear that you are a devout Christian and I pray for the Lord’s guidance on your path. I was also one until I got saved. Then I gave my heart, yes my whole life to Him and only now can I see how mistaken I was in many things that I had firmly believed previously to be OK with God, but now know they were not.

I have also heard many say that “ masonry led them closer to God.” Don’t you see the danger here? Can’t you hear the alarm bells going off in your head?

Freemasonry is not the only organization doing charitable work in the world. As a Christian one can do just as good or better for your fellow man and many of us have discovered the great joy it brings to do just that.

You say; Masonry and Christianity are complimentary just as Science and Religion.”

My friend, you could not be further from the truth. That is exactly what Satan, the great deceiver, wishes you to believe. The two can almost not be mentioned in the same sentence without being an affront to God. The one is from man, the other from God. The one leads to death the other to life.

Bill Schnoebelen puts it succinctly in his book “Masonry, beyond the light.”

We (masons) are faced with a choice – the Lamb or the lambskin. We must chose one or the other for we can not have both.

God gave us free will – we can choose.

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live! (Deut. 30:19)

Life is a choice. Choose life.

God Bless.


4 Responses to “Life is a choice…”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Are you serious? You’ll apologize? OK…but if you were truly a Mason, you’d already apologize…

    “I ask you the same question I asked Martin and Aaron; how should a mason explain to God on judgment day that he knowingly transgressed the FIRST commandment ‘Thou shall not have any other gods before me’, where as a mason you paid homage, by mere acknowledgment of its existence if nothing else, to any god one can care to name? ”

    The answer is simple, written on the back of a dollar bill in fact… I never paid any homage to any other god but rather the one true God, creator of all things, and Lord and Savior – Christ. “In God we Trust.”

    You see, you fail to acknowledge one thing, one simple thing that’s never even stated. Freemasonry is an “Organization” not a “Religion.”

    You saying that a Freemason cannot be a Christian is like you saying a Christian cannot be in the Peace Corps. they’re not the same as far as what they do but what they are – an Organization of diverse like minded individuals doing good works.

    We’re told from the beginning, Freemasonry is not a religion, it will not conflict with a man’s religious beliefs, it is not to take the place of a man’s religious beliefs, it is not the answer to salvation, etc… In other words, “It’s not a religion but an organization.”

    A Mason is told that his priorities are, in order, God, Family, Work, and at the end Freemasonry. Freemasonry is not to interfere with a man’s religion or his duties toward his family and work. It’s a diverse organization, much like every organization – schools, companies, corporations, libraries, etc…

    “They’re an equal opportunity fraternity.”

    But to answer your question, I would not have to explain as God knows my heart and I have never nor was ever asked to acknowledge any other god or gods but the only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in which I do put my trust.

    And when I say the pledge with my brothers, the same one that was written by the Baptist Minister, I say in unity with my Brothers “One Nation under God”, not no other god or gods.

    Now any true Mason would know this already, unless he had joined a clandestine Lodge which is highly possible. there are many posers out in the world…

    And I’m not sure why you quote a guy who debates on Dungeons and Dragons… It’s like Conspiracy Theorists quoting a guy who tries to warn people about Martians and some “Secret battle that’s funded by selling narcotics.” You say you were a Mason, you should be able to state facts about the organization rather than assumptions from some off the wall author with an overly active imagination.

    In other words, there’s nothing wrong with Freemasonry, no sin, as the Organization itself has always upheld its own rules as being an outside diverse entity that does not take the place of one’s own personal beliefs.

    That’s evident as we see preachers, missionaries, and many other devoted Christians. What part of that does not make sense?

    State the facts:

    Freemasonry never replaced any religion. Freemasonry never claimed to be the way to salvation. Freemasonry by its own law states that it does not conflict with a man’s religion as “Freemasonry is not a religion”.

    Freemasonry is not going to get a man into Heaven. But Freemasonry, a man is told, is not to replace his religion from the beginning. It’s God, Family, Work, and then Masonry…in that order – the priorities of a Mason. And when it comes to Christianity, obviously, a man seeks to better his relationship with Christ as that is top priority.

    To say that being a Freemason is a sin or an abomination to God is a lot like saying that being a member of the Peace Corps is an abomination. I’m not saying that the two are the same in the sense of what they do but what they are – “A diverse organization of like minded individuals.” The key term being “Organization.” Neither of the two are a “Religion.” And neither are to take the place of one’s religion. But devoted Christians join these Organizations as they open doors to charitable opportunities and offer rewarding experiences.

    If people would understand that, then the controversial issue about Freemasonry being “Evil” and a “Sin” would be ended.

    If you see a Freemason and feel that he might not truly understand the fact that a strong relationship with Christ is important, then talk to him about his Faith, get him back on track with Christianity. But don’t blame the “Organization” because he got off track. Every Christian falls off the same road to salvation, losing sight of what they need to be doing. It’s not school, not work, not “the Lodge”, it’s the individual as no Organization takes the place of one’s personal religion, more importantly one’s personal relationship with God. Every Mason should know this. I know this and I’m a Mason.

    Freemasonry does not conflict with one’s religion and it was built on the principals found in the Holy Bible, the book that you quoted your scripture from…

    Again, no organization can take the place of one’s beliefs or God. But that does not mean that you don’t have to work, you don’t have to socialize with others, you don’t have to learn, or help others… That being said, people join organizations for a variety of reasons. I don’t speak for other Masons but I joined because I feel that I can do a lot of good works in the community, help others, and at the same time meet new people from around the globe, like minded individuals although diverse but life long friends nonetheless.

    In my heart I feel that God led me down this road. Taking this route has helped me in more ways than one, to fully understand one would have to know me and my past. But believe me when I say that it’s all good things, a blessing from God.

    I stated facts, not assumptions or false allegations…

    So…where’s the apology?

  2. Rebel Says:

    I’ll answer this: “What fool will publish a bunch of lies about a person or organization in today’s day and age.”

    The same kind that tried to convince an entire world that he has captured a real Sasquatch, the real “Big Foot.” It’s a money making scheme…

    From conspiracies to controversies, it’s all about cash. How much do you think Christopher Hitchens made off of his New York Time’s bestseller that basically claims that “Christianity” poisons everything.

    How much attention do you think Sam Harris got when he stated that it should be illegal for parents to teach their children about Christ? How much more money do you think he got from book sales after that?

    Think about it…

  3. Aaron Says:

    I appologize to no man for being a Freemason. It is one of my proudest accomplishments. I will stand before God ahead of the likes of the haters who produce this garbage.

    The industry of charlatans, frauds, and hucksters, such a Bill Schnoboelen, Wally Martin, Johnny Ankerberg, Jim Shaw, Jim and Sandra Tanner, Eddie Decker (and his abominable propaganda film which distorts everything it touches) and a host of others liars, make a fortune hawking their false wares to an audience of evangelical, charismatic, pentacostal, and fundamentalist Christians who truly believe the world is under assault from demons, spirts, and satan, and who will lap up any sensationalized fable about cults out to destroy the godly in this world enriching the frauds that sell it.

    That con man Martin, and his buddy in crime Ankerberg have launched savage attacks on Mormons which have been so over the top they have been attacked by evangelical scholars. Their books on Masonry use the same techniques. They have produced tracts on the Catholic Church distorting the words of Catholic scholars to imply that Catholics do not have the same beliefs about salvation as “orthodox” Christians.

    You people may live in your fantasy world and put money in the pockets of criminals who demonize other human beings if you wish. Ankerberg goes so far as to imply that Mormons worship Lucifer (read Satan in the minds of robot fundamentalists) for no other reason than to create hatred and emnity for these people. Christian? I think not. Ankerberg and the (fortunately) late Martin pray(ed) to one god and one god only: Mammon.

    They have caused endless and vile hatred of Mormons:

    They have done the same to Masons:

    The same can be said of any of the frauds you cite.

    So don’t tell me you or any of these other sick freaks care about anybody’s souls. Perhaps I may just show up at your church and torment a poor confused old man named Lucifer. Or attack an old woman for her fanatical and frankly stupid and ignorant belief that the Bible is the literal and inerrent word of God. The old bag is really headed to hell for her false belief. I’ll post the whole thing on youtube so everyone can see what fools and knaves dottering, senile, old “Christians” really are.

    That is what you people and the people you support promote.

    Frankly, you and your evangelical, fundamentalist, charismatic, and pentacostal bretheran are mentally unbalanced. Your rhetoric produces hatred. Christ rebukes you.

    So please, cut out the lies about your love and admitt your hatred.

  4. anothermouse Says:


    OK I get your point about fools for cash, and I’m glad I didn’t put money on that bet, but that still leaves an easy out for any argument where someone stands up for something. Just call him a fruitcake or compare him to so and so. What to believe, that is the question. Look at the evidence, is what I say.


    No apologies requested. I was also a proud mason, till God removed my blindfold. It is easy to clamp ridicule and derision on all who dare differ with you, even those who claim they want to help you.

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