Is Freemasonry a Religion?


Rebel, then why do you continue like a stuck gramophone on the same topic? I agree with you, OK?


Does that make any of the wrongs I mentioned right all of a sudden?


Let me ask you a question; this is specifically addressed to,

Rebel, Martin, Greg and Mark. But any mason or ex-mason that reads this and feels that a Christian can / may be a Freemason is welcome to respond.

How will you answer Jesus one day when He asks you, why did you forsake Him. Every time you went into those Lodge doors He had to stay outside, as He was not welcome inside. You knew you were not allowed to talk about Him in your Lodge, thus He was denied, yet you chose the company of those that denied Him above His own. Why did you choose them above Him. He died on the cross for you. What did they do for you, but lie to you and steal your allegiance from Him. Could you not see that the Devil himself was behind all this. Did you not get ample warning of exactly how you were being betrayed? Yet you chose to close your ears and harden your heart. You persistently strengthened your resolve against Him.



9 Responses to “WHY?”

  1. Greg Says:

    Your question is predicated on faith and impossible to answer objectively.

    In the end, every man has his path to finding the divine light. Some, such as you find it through Christ, some through other paths. I think Jesus would say that WE sought his father, GOD himself, and see that in our heart of hearts, we strove to be not just good men, but better men.

    Your question is based on an unerring belief in the book that for generations have been told is absolute. Your question is based on YOUR faith.

    So, in answer of your question, I think that when I pass to the celestial abode, I believe that Jesus will greet and hug me and say welcome brother. Because we are bth children of GOD and GOD wants his children to LOVE one another.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Why do I keep repeating facts? Well its because you keep saying that the facts are lies. I’m glad you changed your mind and by the way, The Hiram Key is not the only book that mentions King James was a Freemason.

    And it would also make another difference in the argument. Let’s rephrase the question. What would King James say to God about being a Mason after authorizing the Holy Bible, having it translated so others can read it?

    By the way, why can’t you answer my question? Why can’t you provide ANY scripture proving your allegations? Could it be that it’s just YOUR personal problem? You provide no facts just your opinion presenting that opinion as a fact which WRONG for any man to do.

    You are no authority or the voice of God, not a prophet. Unless you have concrete evidence, facts of Masonry being this evil institution, an “Abomination”, then you are completely wrong.

    And as far as my repeating myself that this organization is not a religion, it being not one just debunks your entire argument. If it’s not pushing man to another way of life that God says is an “Abomination”, if the men are not worshiping another god, if the men are not committing adultery, fornication, or any of the sins, then this entire arguments conclusion is that a Christian can definitely be a Freemason.

    Stop tossing aside the facts provided, overlooking the questions asked you, and hold up to your promise and apologize to these good men. Or do you prefer to be a liar too?

  3. corrie Says:

    rebel , anothermouse provided enough answers,even a kid will understand it, its you that chooses to be blindfolded for not seeing the truth

  4. Greg Says:

    Lets say that Freemasonry is a religion.

    In that the definition of religion is the carrying forward of a practice from the past.

    But, lets also say that a religion is not a faith. A faith is the delineation of what you believe through what ever agent (book, person, practice).

    The confusion here is that Freemasonry is not a faith practice, but that it holds attributes very closely aligned with the practice of religion. It does not espouse the practice of a particular faith, but instead encourages men to seek out and connect with their faith.

    Let me say again, it does not espouse a faith, but encourages the individual’s practice in one.

    Similar to the phrase “In God We Trust”, it doesn’t say which GOD, just God. Or, GOD bless America. Again, doesn’t say which God, just GOD.

    With that in mind, is anything that does not promote your conception of Jesus wrong? Is anyone who doesn’t believe as you do wrong? With that in mind, if no one takes the faith as you do, would that mean that you will be the only person in heaven?

    The concept of Freemasonry, perhaps contrary what you were shown when you were a member as indeed you are still a brother, may not have been properly explained to you.

    It would be good to hear your answers to these questions instead of so fixedly answering just Rebel’s statements. I’m curious what your teleological vision?

  5. Aaron Says:

    His teleological vision is that anything that disagrees with his evangelical/fundamentalist view is essentially anti-Christ. He feels free to gut Freemasonry but will not allow comments attacking his offensive idea od Christianity. They are cowards in the sense that they fear anything that could cause the slightest doubt in their absolute faith. This is un-Christian. I will no longer mince words. It is cowardice.

  6. Aaron Says:

    I would just like to way that I don’t hate you, I just violently disagree with your viewpoint and the sources you cite. The cold one is still on me even if you only drink iced-tea!

  7. Rebel Says:

    “anothermouse provided enough answers,even a kid will understand it, its you that chooses to be blindfolded for not seeing the truth”

    Really? When…Through all of the contradiction he provided. I asked a simple question and even you fail to answer, Mr. Condescending Self Righteous One.

    If you both are right, then why do you fail to provide scripture to back it up?
    It’s simple, you can’t…not without changing any definition and taking anything out of context… There’s nothing that states Freemasonry is a sin or an abomination. NOTHING. It would be like saying working at a DMV is a sin. Completely and utterly absurd.

    So we solute you Self Righteous Ones for being completely biased based on false assumptions. The way you looked over our responses contained with facts, ignored our questions because you have no answers, and have spouted false allegations and assumptions so vague that even Ted Haggard would jump on that band wagon, “No puns intended.”

    We solute you!

  8. Rebel Says:

    Honestly, anyone who reads this:


    will wonder why anyone would think that it is wrong for a Christian to be a Freemason and possibly laugh at those who make such absurd notions that it is wrong… Even a “Kid” can understand why this here BLOG being overly dramatic about Christians joining Freemasonry is completely insane and possibly laugh hysterically…

  9. Can a Christian be a Freemason? Says:

    […] Greg wrote; […]

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