A Real Christian

I just discovered an excellent blog written by a brother in the spirit, Alan Higgins.  I am so impressed by his blog that I just have to share it with you.

it is called ;        REAL CHRISTIANITY

To me it was a humbling experience to walk through some of his pages.  Thank you Alan, for putting together such a GREAT work to glory our God.


4 Responses to “A Real Christian”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Did you notice how Atheists chimed in with arrogance and insulting remarks toward Christianity? Why is that?
    I think their delusion of disbelief has warped their minds, not realizing the science that they hold so dear to was discovered and taught by those who believed in God. It’s those with open minds that make the discovery, not those who close their minds to possibilities no matter how far fetched they may seem to one’s personal view…

    Two thumbs up to Alan for speaking out and standing up regardless of the close minded pesky Atheists and their delusions of nothingness…

  2. Greg Says:

    Is it me, or is this getting tiring…?

    OK, new post, lots to address, I’ll re post it if you delete it.

    “Without faith one can not have a close relationship with Jesus”…
    As you see it, and through your faith. Someone with a different version of faith, or a different take on the doctrine can easily see it differently.

    “I am the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the farther but by me”
    Read the second to last word, by me. not through me, not because of me, but by me. Beside perhaps, next to, with? Again, I think your myopic in your take. You see it the way you see it and hove no consideration for how others may look at and see it.

    “it IS an absolute”.
    This goes back to your faith, your “belief” is predicated on your faith in it. If that’s the case, the world was literally created in 6 days and is only 5000 years old, right? Christ started his church, which became the catholic church, right? Are you a catholic? If Christ started it, shouldn’t you follow that path, why have you deviated?

    “What is MY faith? Simply that Jesus is Lord and that He died for our sins.”.
    How do you know, besides a 1600 year old book that tells you that’s what happened? What if the part that was excised in the council of Nicea said something different? I don’t dispute your faith, I think it is a beautiful thing. What troubles me is your inability to see beyond what you believe to be absolute. Its judgmental and contradictory to the teachings of the bible. You forget that God himself, in the book you put your faith into, says that his house will be called a house of prayer for All people. It doesn’t just say for Christians, or Just for Christians that believe XYZ. it says “ALL PEOPLE”, but then maybe I’m reading it wrong.

    You refer to “HIM” frequently, is this HIM God, or Jesus, or in this instance are you blurring the difference and they are one and the same?

    “What I am saying is that one can not be a devout born-again Christian as well as being a Freemason simply because Freemasonry has unfortunately some deeply entrenched practices that are anti-Christian”
    OK, so then your position then is not as a “Christian” but a “devout born-again Christian”, right? Whats the difference in a good Episcopalian Christian, or a devout Roman Catholic Christian, or a serpent dancing pentecostal? Do you separate yourself from other Christians?

    “I definitely do not state that I know that at all. What I am saying is the following; Freemasonry contains and embraces certain anti-Christian practices that is an affront to God and to my view (and MANY others) this poses a serious risk to ones eternal destiny.”

    OK, this is a long one… If you “know” something is an affront, you know this, then how can you say in the same sentence that “to my view (and many others) this poses a serious risk”. But you just said you don’t know this? Is it just something you “believe”, something you feel strongly about?

  3. Aaron Says:


    It became tedious a long time ago. Anothermouse simply feels the need to validate the absoultist beliefs he came to by attacking the Freemasons, who do not hold absolutist views of religion but leave it up to the individual.

    To quote a famous bit of Masonic text:

    “No man truly obeys Masonic law who merely tolerates those whose religious opinions are opposed to his own. Evey man’s opinion is his own private property and the right to all men to maintain each his own are perfectly equal. Merely to tolerate, to bear an opposing opinion, is to assume a right to persecute it, if we would claim our toleration as a merit…The Mason’s creed goes even farther than that; no man, it holds, has any right, to interfere in the religious belief of another. It holds that each man is absolutely soverign as to his own belief, and that belief is a matter absolutely foreign to all who do not entertain the same belief; AND THAT IF THERE WERE ANY RIGHT OF PERSECUTION AT ALL, IT WOULD IN ALL CASES A MUTUAL RIGHT, (emphais mine) because one party has the same right as the other to sit in judge in his own case – and God is the only magistrate that can rightfully decide between them.”

    Anothermouse seeks to sit as the judge of other men’s souls when this is for God and no man.

    Because of all these little hate screeds and my thanfullness to the Shriners I have been researching Freemasonry a great deal and have in fact picked up a petition for a local lodge.

    If I join I have, in part, Anothermouse to thank.

  4. Greg and aaron « Can a Christian be a Freemason? Says:

    […] Greg and aaron Aaron wrote: […]

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