Barry Smith said;


3 Responses to “Barry Smith said;”

  1. Neo Says:

    Well well, I see you’ve been backed into a corner and are now playing the conspiracist card. Brilliant. All this post does is confirm my earlier suspicions that you are not and have never been a Mason. If you had been, you’d see this for what it is- pseudo-scientific conspiracist hype full of buzz words, drivel, and YouTube videos. When the Bible fails to sheild your lies and bigotry you resort to culling conspiracy theorists- whose “theories” are in reality too big, too clumsy, and stunningly fail Occam’s Razor (like most conspiracists I’m sure you have no idea what that is and can’t be reasoned with because conspiracists are little more than fanatics suffering from a clustering illusion- which hook did you fall for- appeal to authority or appeal to patriotism? Mine was patriotism, but ah Occam gotta love it- it kills off pretty any conspiracy there is, but I digress). Again I say brilliant.
    On top of that you’ve still been holding people up using them as examples like a magician holding a rabbit by the ears as if to say “Look here, Look at me! I’ve got a Mason on display here!”. Your hubris is pathetic. Just remember, false prophet, what your god does to those who bear false witness… he burns them. So keep propogating the lie kid- you believe you’re right so lying is justified right???
    All this post has done is proved, beyond any doubt, that you have never been a Mason-regardless of what you say- are barely Christian, and are really nothing more than a little conspiracy theorist. It’s really pathetic how you’ve tried to dupe everyone. You’re right up there with the Christians who started and are propagating the “Jews for Jesus” website- they masquerade as Jews getting them to convert to Christianity. You are the same as them except your target is different – how Christianity can claim the “moral high ground” with people like yourself in its’ fold is beyond me. With every post you make, every hypocrisy, every lie you tell, you make me happier and happier I left such an amoral belief system. If it can make people turn on each other in the manner you have done- then it is not and cannot be a true system under God. [No offense to the Christian Masons reading this Blog.]
    Thank you for showing the world your true colors tonight conspiracy cultist, now get out of your Mom’s basement and stop trying to warn people about evils that are only in your head because you spent way too much time on the net.
    I take my leave now -don’t bother replying to my post conspiracy cultist- You have nothing to say that’s worth listening to- and don’t try to shout at my back again as I’m walking away.

  2. corrie Says:

    Sorry to burst ur bubble, anothermouse was a freemason, as a matter of fact i know him well and both of us belonged to glsa, so all of you stop this ” i doubt if you were a mason” he was and so were i, we chose to quit due to our christian believes,no matter how much you argue, we know because we were saved in time,phne glsa and you will find out he was a provinsial off, myself went up to knighs templar was ! ! ! a member of lumier perceptory 658 you can follow it up if u want to

  3. Martin Says:

    Dear Anothermouse, I trust you and your dear ones enjoyed a blessed festive season. Can you pleae re-post the Barry Smith post, for some or other reason it does not open or is missing.

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