What the Bible says about the Occult.



Freemasonry is considered as part of the OCCULT.

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3 Responses to “What the Bible says about the Occult.”

  1. Martin Says:

    Hi Anothermouse,

    Unfortunately I could not open the Barry Smith post about Freemasonry but got enough info from Google to form my own opinion. Your latest post about the occult is realy not relevant to this site and has nothing to do with Freemasonry. The word occult is derived from the Latin word occultus which means hidden. The most general definitions are as follows;
    1. Esoteric (employs knowledge that is not known to the general public, but which is only revealed gradually to a select few in training.
    2. Depends upon those talents which lie beyond the five senses.
    3. Engages with the supernatural.
    Non of the above are relevant to Freemasonry, you can try and force item one in that catagory, but so is your pilot training and all other proffesional training programs in the world. There are many more idiotic definitions on the topic depending on what or who you want to harass.

    So mote it be.

  2. anothermouse Says:


    How can you give such an accurate definition of the word “occult” only to launch straight into denial that freemasonry is NOT of the occult!

    Freemasonry is most definitely grouped amongst the esoteric (the occult) as it’s workings are “hidden” from the public. (Remember, all your vows of secrecy, freemasonry being called a secret society…) – and it is most DEFINITELY in the business of employing “knowledge that is not known to the general public, but which is only revealed gradually to a select few in training.” – exactly your own words!!

    I know most masons hate it when freemasonry is grouped amongst the occult – but that does not change the unfortunate fact that it is! No point in sticking your head in the sand and pretend it is not so!

    Again, the aim here is not to insult but to WARN!!!

    Safe yourself eternal grief and get out of there. A relationship with Jesus is all that will redeem us – all that we require for our salvation. And it is FREE !!!
    The Bible is clearly against freemasonry, so why risk your salvation with it? It makes no sense!



  3. Martin Says:


    Please read the last paragraph in my post carefully. Which part of Freemasonry is hidden from the public and cannot be obtained by paying as for any training program or on the internet or in books? I have a healthy relationship with Jesus thank you. Which authority decided that Freemasonry is part of the occult and is a secret society? It seems that the official viewpoint of Freemasonry does not count and outsiders always know more about Freemasonry than Freemasons. My advice to you is not to blame your way of life prior to your “Damascus” experience on Freemasonry, go to your second degree ritual, look in the mirror and there you will see the responsible person.
    So mote it be.

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