Are you a Christian wrestling with this question? Do you find it difficult to shrug off that intense feeling of unease you experienced at your initiation. Is that small inner voice still convicting your conscience, commanding you to get out of there. This blog was started by me almost a year ago now, with the very purpose of convincing you to be obedient to that inner voice. It is the Holy Spirit that is demanding you to do just that – get out! Resign! The order of freemasonry is no place for a Christian to be.

I know what I am talking about. I was a mason myself. For 15 years I heard but chose to ignore that small inner voice. Then, by the grace of God, I got saved. The scales fell from my eyes and I could see the utter darkness I found myself in. Strange that masons should talk about themselves as walking in the LIGHT and the rest of the world as being in the DARKNESS of the profane world. It is actually just the other way around.

There was just no alternative – I had to get out. Once one is blessed with LIFE anything that represents a stumbling block in your relationship with Jesus just must go.

Was it easy? No – it was not an easy decision. All my friends were masons. A huge portion of my life revolved around masonry. Yet, their was just no other way. One can not please God and the world simultaneously. I had to let go and I did. This blog is full of articles that explain the reasons and rationale in detail. Why? Do I condemn you or any other mason out there for being a mason. Not at all. Some of the best people I know are all masons. Yet I realize now that although God loves us all He will not force himself on us. If we approach Him He will draw near. If we reject His will as expressed clearly in His Word, He will honour that decision and let us be. But do not be surprised then if He tells you on judgement day that He never knew you and that your portion is the Lake of Fire.

The most popular blogpost I published here is titled: “Why can a Christian not be a Freemason.” That in itself should tell you a story. I publish below an article found on a website dedicated to the same purpose – to warn you of the dangers of freemasonry.

It is called Ex-Masons for Jesus and is a great repository of reading material on this issue.

May God Bless you and keep you and I pray this blog has been of service to you.

Love in Christ,


Death, Burial and Resurrection
in the Masonic Lodge

Most professing Christians who are members of the Masonic Order have no idea that what actually transpires during the Hiramic Legend of the Master Mason degree is the new member’s baptism into the religion of Freemasonry.

The new member, called a candidate, is neither sprinkled nor immersed; there is no water involved in the ceremony. Perhaps this is why professing Christians who are members of the Order don’t recognize the ceremony as being what it actually is. For most, when they hear of baptism, they seem to automatically think of a sprinkling of water, or total immersion in a baptismal font. Perhaps this is the reason for the obvious question that comes to the minds of most Christians who are outside the lodge: “How can you possibly have something called a baptism, without water?” The answer is very simple, yet it is also complex.

Symbolism and allegory are the keys to understanding Freemasonry. They are the keys to understanding the baptism of the candidate that is exemplified by his symbolic death, burial, and resurrection as he is supposedly portraying a person by the name of Hiram Abif during an acted out drama that is admittedly a trumped up chain of events that never happened in the first place.

To help us in our endeavors to better understand the allegories and symbolisms of the Hiramic Legend…

Read the Full Text


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