The truth about Freemasonry

I used to be a Freemason. For 15 years I lent out my ears, my mind, my heart – my all to the Brotherhood, the Order of Freemasonry. I swallowed the whole philosophy hook, line and sinker. Then, by the pure grace of God, I got saved. Immediately my eyes opened and I saw to my horror, the dire predicament I had been in. Blinded by the atmosphere of brotherly love, kindness and charity, I could never have imagined that what I was involved in was leading me straight into the dark pit of everlasting death. This affable organization that calls itself the “Light” was in fact nothing but darkness personified.

Having been exposed to blogging some time prior I saw the opportunity to use this medium to communicate my message to whoever will listen.

It is a concern that so many who profess to be Christians are also to be found in Lodge. What is less well known is the remarkable lack of knowledge of the average mason has about his very own craft. Add to this “blind spot” an insufficient knowledge from the word of God and it becomes easy to see how so many can be deceived so readily. Mostly, it is a case of being in a position where one allows oneself voluntarily to be blindfolded!

And is that not exactly what happened at your initiation!?

I am working on a new series of posts for this blog, dealing with some direct issues that will hopefully aid in removing that blindfold so that you may SEE.

The series will look at questions like these;

Is Freemasonry the Light of the world?

Is Freemasonry good or bad?

Is Freemasonry evil?

What is Freemasonry?

What is wrong with Freemasonry?

What is sin?

Is Freemasonry sin against God?

Is a Freemason in bondage to Satan?

Who is God?

Who is Satan?

Will all Freemasons go to hell?

Can a Freemason be saved?

What does it mean to be saved?

How can I be saved?

Can a Freemason resign from the Order?

What happens next?


3 Responses to “The truth about Freemasonry”

  1. DAVID Says:


  2. anothermouse Says:

    Hi David,

    I will post some articles soon that deal with these questions.
    If you subscribe to this blog or setup your own RSS you will get it automatically.


  3. Anthony Says:

    hi. my name is Anthony Mcdaniel i am only 27 but feel a strange feeling that i know that this brotherhood is nothing more than a teaching progrom to instill the works of lucifer him self ( the light bearer) so glad that some free masons are steping out of this secret society to show how true this is. but through out the world we are taught to be accepting of other religions, out looks, and ways of life by simple Quieting the true word of god.As christians and as the human race that god himself created we can not let this continue. the world is crying out to us we as christians hold the word of god in our hearts and we are the only one that can carry his word forword. Please carry your head high and his name higher. love you all and god bless

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