The Brotherhood

Many good people become Masons.  Almost all of them good folk joined an organization they knew nothing about. Many do not ever bother to learn what there is to know about it, although the information is freely available. Very few compare Masonic Dogma (doctrine, if you like) with sound Biblical Christian teaching. And of those few who do and successfully connect the dots,  even less are willing to act by the will of God in this regard.

A friend of mine argued thus recently, defending Freemasonry-;

Mr Mouse, if you had written your personal experience with Freemasonry and why you personally felt that it is wrong based on your experience, I would not be so skeptical of you and believe that there are hidden agendas much like those other anti-Masons who are out for profit. If only you done that rather than posting articles from those proven to be fakes, I’d not be so skeptical of you and believe you to be a former Mason; but since reading your BLOG, I am skeptical of that.

However, this debate is not out of anger or hate. I welcome your comments and your views as long as they are your views and not that of those who still hold onto the Taxil Hoax and purposely lie about Freemasonry to gain attention. Lets discuss it from our own views and opinions and speak from our own experiences and from what we study from our own Bibles based on our own understandings. That way it will not be a debate but a friendly discussion that’s more prosperous.

Do not think that I’m your enemy and don’t think that I’m not grateful for your efforts if those efforts are sincere. Although you are not a Mason, you are still a brother to me only if your heart is in the right place.

Thank you brother for your efforts even though we do not agree. A good Christian is one who looks out for others.


I replied to him as follows,

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the words and the sentiment. I wish to assure you of the sincerity of my efforts. I was indeed a Freemason. For 15 years did I labor in the Craft and reached high office (Assistant Provincial Grand Master) and very proud of it. Criticism against the Order is not new and I dealt with my share of it also. Naturally I also viewed all the so-called anti-Masonic critics as misinformed malcontents and also suspected a degree of malice in their motives.

In those days I really enjoyed my Masonry and saw nothing wrong with it myself at the time. The Ancient Old Landmarks, men striving to actually improve themselves, the laudable efforts of good men reaching out toward lofty morals and high standards, the incredible work done for charity and the joy of sharing in a brotherhood of likeminded men of integrity – all these things fostered a love for the Company and caused me to maintain a defensive posture toward it and to turn a blind eye to all those who spoke out against Freemasonry. Because of all the good it did, I was also confident that the Order must be in good standing with God and was convinced that it carried His approval. As I grew up in a Christian home, I even classified myself as a Christian and I looked forward to the day that this enmity between the Church and Freemasonry would end. It only called for some education and understanding, and a good measure of love and tolerance from both sides, and it would all work out fine, I felt at the time.

I could not have been more wrong!

Christ entered my life eighteen months ago and changed all those dearly held suppositions. I realized then that I knew dreadfully little about Freemasonry to start with. I also learned that I had known even less about God, Jesus and the Bible and the will of God. My new life with Christ would change all that and for the first time in my life I could actually SEE what I had blinded myself willfully to before. I saw Freemasonry as God would see it. I studied the Bible in earnest and no matter how I looked at it, there was clear evidence that it is completely impossible to reconcile Freemasonry with the God of the Bible.

I was in a predicament – I had to make a choice. It was not easy to say farewell to all my friends. Every good friend I had at that time was a Mason. Yet (no pun intended) none could measure up to the Friend one has in the Lord once one get to know Him.

I speak to you as a friend, not as an adversary. Nobody can TELL you what to do. All I can hope for is to appeal to your reason and pray that you will investigate the issue prayerfully for yourself and that God will open your heart and your mind to the truth.

Jesus himself said that He is the way the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the Father except through Him. Yet Freemasonry openly advocates a plan of Salvation WITHOUT Jesus. Your very own Ritual states it clearly. Just this one fact alone proves the point that anyone who calls himself a genuine Christian MUST take cognizance of the above and do the right thing by the Lord; repent and get out of there. It is not too late! The Lord promises in His Word that He is faithful and just to forgive us our trespasses if we repent and confess our transgressions.

God speed and God Bless,




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