Great Architect of the Universe

What is wrong with Freemasonry I

The Brotherhood

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Letter to a Friend.

God hates Freemasonry…

The Deception of Freemasonry

47th problem of Euclid

The True Roots of Freemasonry

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Foundational teachings of Freemasonry

An Occult Religion !?

What the Bible says about the Occult.

Freemasonry stand in open defiance against God!

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Can a Christian be a Freemason?

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No! A Christian CAN NOT be a Freemason..


2 Responses to “ARCHIVE”

  1. cmnottage Says:

    You are indeed well versed Biblically; however, your facts regarding a Christian and the honor of being a Mason are incorrect. My grandfather – an immigrant from England who worked as an Engineer on the UP railroad until almost 100 years old – my grandmother from Sweden (everyone has the same story at our age) – was a high Mason – who loved his Church and his God and His Jesus Christ – my father, who jumped on Normandy Beach, was in Korean; Vietnam twice; made a career to serve his country, carried his prayer book from battlefield to battlefiled – we believe in the doctrine of many different teachings (as God as taught us) – you seem to be rather “closed” in your thinking and preaching – unlike the “hidden meanings” of the Word – Believers call this “wisdom” which you seem to be a long way from –

    • anothermouse Says:

      Thank you for your comment. You mention the brave and daring acts of patriotism of your grandfather, which is great, that he loved his church and that he seemed to be a genuine believer in our Lord Jesus. You also mention that he was a Mason.
      Now with all respect, simply the fact that he was your grandfather does not validate the correctness of his deeds. The Lord will hold each one of us accountable for OUR OWN deeds and actions. It is our own duty to search out the truth and to abide in it. In the book of John Jesus said, “Thy word, is truth”, meaning God’s word, is the truth. We have God’s Word – it is the Bible. It contains everything about every subject that God wants us to know, as well as what He regards about each of these. It is really very straight forward – no mystery at all.
      The question is – are we going to accept God’s word and abide by what He wants, or are we going to dour own thing? Those who want to do their own thing – it really is their problem. They will have to answer for themselves when the time comes.
      But we, God fearing folk, want to do what is right in God’s eyes, not what seems right to us. If there is a discrepancy, then we follow God’s way, and not our own.
      Now you said; “– we believe in the doctrine of many different teachings (as God as taught us)”
      What exactly do you mean by that? And I am not as closed as you might think. If it is in the Bible I’m open to it – else, especially if the Bible expressly warns or prohibits against something, then I’m closed to it.

      Awaiting your rely,

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