Dear Pastor Ryan…

Dear Pastor Ryan,

I did indeed visit your blog and found it interesting, yet alarming.

In reply to your comments above;

I appreciate the fact that you disagree with me but, please elaborate on exactly what it is that you disagree with.

The term GAOTU by itself is not the real issue here – any similar term would have served the purpose.

It is the application of it that points to the problem!

It is used to describe any god of your choice, not so?

To you it may refer to God, as revealed to us in our King James Bible, yet to the Muslim it refers to his god, Allah. To the Hindu it may be Krishna, and on and on.

Freemasonry opens its doors to followers of all religions and accept all these gods as being equal.

The problem is the following;

The God you and I serve, that is, the God of the Bible, says emphatically that He is the only God and that we should bring no other gods before Him. (In other words, we are to accept Him as the ONLY God there is – not to acknowledge even any other gods).

Now, how can you possibly reconcile that command with what happens in Freemasonry?

Let us look at what indeed happens in Freemasonry;

As a Freemason you may stand right next to your Hindu brother when the Lodge is opened with prayer to the GAOTU.  To your own mind you are praying to God (of the Bible) and your brother, as far as he is concerned, is praying to Krishna (or some other god). On the altar may be your Bible, say the King James Bible and along side it, his bible, the Bhagavadgītā.  So in essence then, acknowledgement is given to the existence of our God  as well as that of our Hindu brother with no argument as to which is the Superior or the only real God.

Knowing then what God said in the Bible about Him being the ONLY God, how can I possibly do this and think that God would condone it?

God never changes. God does not go against His own word. But we do if we practice the above.

Now it is easy to just say, I disagree.

You are saying, in effect, by saying you disagree, that you think it is indeed possible to be a Freemason without offending God (the God of the Bible).

I have just explained to you precisely why I think it is impossible.

Please help me out here and explain exactly WHY you disagree.

You obviously see things differently – so, please explain – if you can.

I suspect you won’t be able to. Yet by choice, for whatever reason, you will forcefully keep yourself blinded to God’s instruction, so clearly spelled out in His word. The plain truth is so clear to see, yet those like yourself just refuse to see it.

That is the tragedy that inspires me to continue this work.




4 Responses to “Dear Pastor Ryan…”

  1. Greko sandman Says:

    Just one truth. Satan was also so wright according to himself for his own purpose when he tried to temp Jesus through explanations and making logical assuptions. To me chirstian free masons is an oximoron.
    Satan is the the father and master on lies and desception.
    May Jesus shed light in your soul and daily endeavors.

  2. todd Says:

    Hi, I have been a master mason since 1994 . I received Christ in 1980 . Now don’t get me wrong if someone did not know Jesus it could get confusing in the lodge about doing good works get you to heaven. I know Jesus is the only way . But they teach brotherly love and kindness to your fellow man. I got my 32 from the Scottish rite and about to go get my York rite deg

  3. M Says:

    I received Christ in 1980 as well. Busy year, huh?

    I became a Master Mason in December 2007.

    In the many years of being a Christian, I encountered more hatred and intolerance than I care to remember. Petty fighting, backbiting, and gossip are the trademarks of ‘the church’.

    So, when I hear the haters out there spout their bloviated opinions about whether or not a Christian can be a Freemason, I just chalk it up to the average Christian living in their own self-delusional darkness and calling it light.

    I have experienced more true reverence and respect in the few short years of being a Freemason than in all the years of visiting ‘the church’.

    If for ONCE I could get two Christians to agree on the tenants of their faith, I would give credence to their ‘faith’. But, unfortunately most Christians have never read their own scriptures and therefore are unqualified to have an opinion.

    I could go on, but the subject is wearisome and not worth it.

    • anothermouse Says:

      We are all human with human failings. Becoming a Christian doesn’t change that fact. Our focus should be on the Lord, not on each other.

      If you consider it carefully, is it not the Masons who perceive themselves to be “in the light” that are actually in utter darkness? It is the other way around, you see, like most things in Masonry, that appears at face value to be good but are in fact ungodly. It is so easy to be deceived. Our Lord warned about it on more than one occasion.

      This blog may appear to be judgmental but it is borne from a loving heart that cares about my fellow brethren that remain stuck in the bondage to the lie that Freemasonry is reconcilable with the God of the Bible.

      Any serious Christian that have been caught in this trap should seriously consider his position. Would Jesus really approve?

      Also read this article which is a testimony of Christian that used to be Mason.

      Think that through prayerfully and you should find the answer.

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