In response to Rich

Rich wrote this comment…

I reply thus;

Hallo Dear Friend,

Thank you for your comment and for the kindness by which you postulated your viewpoint. I will attempt to honour it with a thorough reply as I can sense your genuine concern and doubts.  Have you considered that the origin of these doubts  might be the Holy Spirit convicting you?  I suggest you hold it up to our Father in prayer and ask Him to reveal the truth of the matter to you.  I will also be praying for you.  Then I would like to suggest that you also visit .  That site is run by sincere brethren in Christ and they also have only your best eternal interests at heart.  A simple Google search will reveal dozens more sources.  Take nothing at face value of course, but compare what you learn there with Scripture.

Ultimately, the best source of information is the Lord Himself and his Word, the Holy Scriptures.  He said Himself, that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  If you make a serious study of the matter and allow the Spirit to guide you, you will find the answer.

I was a mason for 15 years and really enjoyed it.  There I met the best kind of person that anybody can wish to have as friends.  In fact, I still count some of my very close friends in the fold of masonry.  I felt good about the camaraderie and all the good the organization seemingly stands for; striving to make good men beter and all the effort toward charity, to name just two.  It all sounds and looks very good, seen from a human perspective.  However, after I got saved the Lord opened my eyes and I realised the truth.  Looking at it from God’s viewpoint, using the Word of God as a filter, there is definitely a BIG problem. A born-again Christian can simply not be a Freemason.  Why?  There are just too many glaring contradictions and problems to ignore.  What contradictions, what problems?  Well, contradictions between the will of God and what goes on in Freemasonry.  There are clear clashes of interest!  Too many to ignore.

Let me mention just a few and you will see what I mean;

Freemasonry call itself the Light.

Jesus said He is the Light of the world…

Masonry speaks of itself as being in the Light and the rest of the non-masonic world as being in the darkness…

As a Christian we know Jesus is the Light and only those in Him are in the light – the rest are in Darkness…

Freemasonry acknowledges many gods – all as equal…

God said He is the only God, there are no other…

Masonic ritual alludes to Salvation without Christ, by good works…

We know Salvation is by Grace through Faith alone… and that only by trusting in Christ.

Jesus commanded us to testify about Him – to carry the Gospel to the end of the earth.  Try witnessing in Lodge and you will be told it is unconstitutional – and it is.  Just read your constitution and you will see.

So who will you obey?   The King of Kings or the masons?  What rulebook do you follow?  The rules of man (masonry rules and ritual) or the Living Word of God Almighty?

And this is not even scratching the surface.  Yet, to anyone that is a serious Christian, these few points should be of major concern!  There is much, much  more!  Any serious Christian should ask himself – do I really want to be here? (in masonry)

As a Christian, can one allow oneself to be ignorant of these things?  I don’t think so.  It would not be wise.

Do  I hate the Freemasons now?  No, absolutely not.  I love them, now more than ever.  Do I condemn them?  No.  As the Lord teaches us in Ezekiel 3, I simply blow the trumpet.  I simply bring a warning to all those that will hear.

My the Lord bless you with His peace, grace and wisdom; with the discernment you need to see His will clearly and with the strenght and courage to act accordingly.

Love in Jesus,



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