LJ wrote;

my grandfather is a 3rd dagree freemason.

he is also a christian that has went to church every sunday his whole life.

i got interested in the masons a few months ago and started reading about it.

i will read his handbook soon. and also talk to my uncle about this christianity vs. freemasons since my grandfather has got him to want to become a mason.

i myself have only recently began devoting myself to christiany.

although my beliefs are that you do not have to go to church to be a christian and go to heaven (your thought on this will be appreciated to) and am going to be baptised soon.

im just wondering how i could approach the subject with my grandfather.

he is a stubborn old man and i just want him to listen and think about the subject and not ignore what i have to say.


Hallo LJ

Thank you for your comment and apologies for the late reply.  My heart really goes out to you.  If you read the articles on this blog of mine you will learn that I was a Mason myself for many years – then one day (almost exactly three years ago) I got saved. Literally overnight, my whole life changed.

For my whole life right up unto that moment I had reckoned myself to be Christian but it was only after I invited Jesus into my heart and surrendered my life to Him, that the true meaning of being a Christian became clear to me.

I became a fervent student of the Word and it soon became apparent to me that Freemasonry is completely irreconcilable with being a true born-again Christian. I resigned immediately and started this blog in an effort to warn others.

I know that there are many masons that count themselves as Christians as well, yet fail to see what I see – I have been one myself.  Regarding your grandfather that is a mason, your first recourse is to pray for him and to ask our heavenly Father to soften his heart and to open his eyes and mind to His truth.  Remember, nothing is impossible for the Lord – someone prayed for me and the Lord answered that prayer.

Regarding your other question, I have the following advise.  When I first came to the Lord I was overwhelmed with two desires; to study the Word and to have fellowship with other Christians.  Finding and joining a good Bible-believing Church is a very good idea! Pray and fast over it and let the Spirit lead you in this, it is important!

I pray your baptism was as special an event for you as mine was for me,

May the Lord Bless you and keep you,



7 Responses to “IN REPLY TO LJ”

  1. theresa Says:

    can a mason be married to a christian woman and have a christian family.

  2. anothermouse Says:

    “can a mason be married to a christian woman and have a christian family.”

    The Bible teaches that God allows us the freedom to choose. It is His will that we choose for Him and to follow His will, yet He forces nobody’s hand. Ultimately we are all responsible for our choices and God will hold each of us individually accountable when we stand before Him one day.

    It would not be advisable for a Christian lady to enter into marriage with a man that she KNOWS is a mason, however if a person gets saved subsequent to such a marriage, the Bible teaches that it is possible for such a lady to lead her husband to the Lord by her exemplary Christian conduct.

    Since it is not possible for a Christian to be a mason, it would be very difficult for a Christian lady to have a Christian family.

    My humble opinion,



  3. theresa Says:

    another question..what if the woman was married to him and it was years into the marriage that he became a mason? it is just recently he has joined the masons.what does someone do then?

    • Peach Says:

      Theresa do not let these false profits put fear in your heart. If you have concerns discuss them with your husband. Go to his lodge ask questions of other members. Your husband can definitely be a Christian and a Freemason. Please check out this site.

      It is a page by a Christian Freemason check out his articles and you will see that being a Freemason can strengthen your husbands relationship with Jesus Christ, and can help your husband be an even better spouse and father than he is now. After all that’s masonry’s goal, to make good men better.


      • anothermouse Says:

        Christians who deceive themselves into believing that it is possible to serve both Christ as well as Lodge willingly ignore clear teaching in Scripture in this regard. Believing that Masonry will improve one’s relationship with Jesus is utterly false! Jesus said Himself that a man can not serve two masters;
        Mat_6:24 “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.
        “Mammon” represents the world and everything held dear by it.

  4. anothermouse Says:

    As a Christian lady and being informed about the spiritual darkness that permeates freemasonry, it is your responsibility to share this information with your husband intending to join the masons. You should do your utmost to persuade him NOT to join. If he has already joined, do your best to persuade him to resign and to come out of it. It is possible to do that – I did.


  5. Says:

    Yes i can concur with your answers here. ( having studied Lodge for 20 + years. But would add that Masonry can bring spiritual death to a marriage;so make every effort under God’s guidance to bring your husband to both his senses and the bottom of the cross! An excellent book for him would be :- “Masonry Beyond The Light”,by William Schnoebelen. WS has definitely- ‘been there,and done that’,as it were!
    The Lord will give you the wisdom,you need.James 1 v 5.

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