Freemasonry – Is it truly free?

I’ve asked myself this a number of times over the 25 years I have been studying the so-called “secret societies”.

Unfortunately I’ve had to conclude that the answer is, No !

In fact, the word itself is an oxymoron. By far the majority of practicing Masons, when asked the question; “Is Freemasonry a Christian organization?”, would answer, “Yes”, (except in the case of obvious non-Christian, or other religion affiliation). This answer proves to be false when the doctrine of Freemasonry is compared with Christian doctrine! This is indeed a sad but very real truth that can easily be verified by even the most superficial study of Scripture in this regard.

I have even had the answer from certain overly proud members; “Well, true Freemasonry embraces all religions.”

Now this statement turns out to be true, when compared to Masonic doctrine, as is clearly postulated by the likes of pioneering Masons, such as Albert Pike and Albert Mackey, both very distinguished Freemasons and both  having published works of enduring significance on the subject of Freemasonry. Pike wrote his famous “Morals and Dogma” and Mackey is the author of that very well known three-volume, “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.”

So, it proves to be indeed true that Freemasonry “embraces”  all religions. What does that mean? It simply means that Freemasonry acknowledges ALL religions, accepts all of them as equal and holds none of them as the Supreme or True Religion! This is in direct violation of what God teaches us through His Word, the Holy Bible. In it He clearly states that He is the only God and there is none other. (Ex 20:3   34:14   Deut. 4:35 , 39     Dan 3:29   1Ki 8:60   Is 45:5, 6, 14, 18, 21, 22      Is 46:9   Is 47:8, 10     Joel 2:27)

Now, since Freemasonry is in DIRECT opposition to what God expresses in His Word, how on earth  can Freemasonry be seen to be a “Christian Organization?” It is just too preposterous for words!

Both Pike and Mackey were 33 degree Freemasons. It has been intimated to me by masons, that the number 33 was especially chosen as part of an elaborate mockery of our Lord Jesus, as it refers to His age when He suffered on the Cross. (Revelations of what is portrayed in the 33 degree ritual, confirm this!)

Consider also the so-called “Christian degree” in Lodge, the 18th degree, also known as the “Rose Croix” (Rosy Cross). In truth, this pertains to Anti-Christ! 18 is made up of thee sixes, 666, the number of the Anti-Christ! (See Revelation 13:18).

By now, the reader should be getting some idea of just how much actual bondage is involved in operative Masonry. Freemasonry may be many things but it certainly is not free!

A further hint of this bondage can be gained from considering the circumstance that accompanies the 3rd degree initiate. He is obliged to sign a very cleverly worded certificate in full, alongside the date of his 3rd degree initiation, and this date is under the Latin worded half of his certificate.  At least up until a few years ago, the date would have read, eg. September 14th 5966 AL ( The AL initials, put in the place of AD, Anno Domini or “year of our Lord” ) and meaning Anno Lucis or “Year of light” in other words, pertaining to Genesis 1 when the light came some 6000 years prior.

What the new Master Mason is not told, and let’s face it, how many men, even well educated, understand and can read Latin? For light in Latin is “Lux” and Lucifer, is “Lucis!” Therefore the newly initiated and totally deceived Mason, has signed his full name alongside that of Lucifer!  (See Isaiah Ch.14:12 ( King James Bibles only ). NB, “Lucifer” means “ light bearer “. Diabolically clever stuff, and straight from the pit!

Please pray with us for the many thousands of good men that have been caught into bondage by this diabolic trap of the enemy, attempting to separate them from our Lord and Saviour, and advise those friends family and loved ones you know to be Masons to come out of “Her.”

Tony Roberts.


12 Responses to “Freemasonry – Is it truly free?”

  1. gary Says:

    you havent a clue!!!!!!!
    we never mock the lord. its no different than an easter play in church!!!
    you are so ignorant about freemasonry i wont even take the time to explain how. you should do more research.
    how dare you judge!!!!who do you think you are??

  2. George Says:

    The US Government holds no one religion above others. The 1st Amendment guarantees the freedom of all religions in the US. Should Christians renounce their US citizenship? Boy Scouts of America allows Christian boys, Muslim boys, Jewish boys, Hindu boys to all be members equally. Should Christians renounce the Boy Scouts of America? I am not a Freemason, but I am an American and a Christian and your reasoning in this area is blatantly contrary to the practices of Christians in America. Seriously, should American Christians renounce citizenship because the government looks at all religions as “equals” in that they allow the free exercise thereof? So, how is it that you condemn Freemasonry for doing the same while turning a blind eye to the government that we jointly elect and support? That is hypocricy.

    • anothermouse Says:

      Hallo George,
      I do not normally answer silly arguments like this, but since I am in a good mood, here goes.

      On this blog we are not interested in what any government thinks but what God thinks about the issue. The issue is : CAN A CHRISTIAN BE A FREEMASON?
      Not that I want to shut you out, but for meaningful debate you at least have to have a thorough grounding in both being a Freemason AND being a Christian.

      Interesting that you should be so defensive about something you appear to know so little about, unless you just feel like arguing about something, anything.

      What the American government does is their business and they will have to answer to God for themselves as would you and I for our own actions here on earth, but reasoning the way you do is absolutely silly in the extreme. I am not even going to begin to validate that with a response.

      I DO NOT condemn Freemasonry, God does – I am just the messenger.
      And oops, no pun intended – but it seems to me you can’t even SPELL hypocrisy 🙂

  3. Dcomer Says:

    You really haven’t a clue. I like George’s comment above me. I could easily rebut, but it would be pointless. What you are teaching is hate.

  4. Bill Says:

    You might wanna do some practical research, ie., become a Mason.

    Also, consider a class on informal logic.

    • anothermouse Says:

      Hi Bill,
      I was indeed a Mason myself – for 15 years I perambulated the square of various Lodges. I frequently visited other Constitutions as well, for example the Irish and the Scottish. For may years the old and ancient landmarks of Masonry were the core moral values that guided my daily life, UNTIL I met our Lord Jesus and invited Him into my life. That opened my spiritual eyes and for the first time I noticed the huge disparities that exist between Masonic dogma and Christian doctrine. Hence my departure from Lodge and these efforts to inform my erstwhile Brethren, still in Lodge.

      If being a Christian and a follower of Jesus does not really mean that much to you, the debates and arguments on this blog will seem meaningless to you. If you don’t know Jesus you have much bigger problems than anything else discussed here. If you do in fact know Him, you will be sensitized to what He wants and not what seems right to you and me.

      Please explain what you mean with “informal logic.”
      I’m ever willing to learn.


  5. Peach Says:

    Anothermouse, you never cease to amaze me. For being a Mason for 15 years you have a very poor understanding of the symbolism and philosophy of the fraternity. It makes me wonder how high your Jesus IQ is.

    The fact that you post the words of Tony Roberts proves you have no understanding of Freemasonry. Next you’ll start a blog about Proctor & Gamble being a satanic cult. The 666 stuff, please, give me a break.

    Although I will say Tony’s comment about many Freemasons believing that Freemasonry is a Christian organization may be valid while his contention that it is incompatible with Christianity is spoken out of ignorance. I’m sure many of the Christian Masons he’s writing about may believe this because when they go to lodge they see the Bible on the alter. They are directed to look to the Bible to find the way to salvation. When they have a communal prayer that begins “Grand Architect of the Universe” they are praying to the Truine God of the Bible just as they are when they say start a prayer God of Heaven and Earth outside the lodge. Most if not all of the brothers sitting in lodge with them are Christian. And as they travel the road of Masonry they find nothing repugnant to their Christian fath. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck etc…

    To the Christian Mason, Freemasonry is Christian. To a man of another faith he may percieve Freemasonry differently. That is the beauty of the fraternity. That each man recognizes his personal beliefs about God while in the fraternity of Freemasonry. Apparently in your 15 years you never learned that Freemasonry is not the organization itself. It is the man. The individual mason is what Freemasonry is. You can’t define it for me or anyone else. Nor can Tony Roberts or Pike or Mackey. No non mason can define masonry. And masons can only define it for themselves.

    Your Christian brothers and sisters cannot even agree on what is true in their own faith which the each believe are Christian. How can you possibly pretend to know the truth about Freemasonry. I believe my flavor of Christianity is true. Yet another Chrstian may believe differently than me. Some believe as Martin Luther taught we have free will and some believe as John Calvin taught we are predestined. Some believe that the Sacrement of Holy communion is the true physical body and blood of Christ while other Christians do not. Some Christians believe that baptism is required for salvation while others do not. Some believe a sprinkling of the water during baptism is valid while others believe only full immersion is valid.

    My point is this. All of these denominations claim to be Chrstian while many of their Christian brothers and sisters say they are teaching heresy. No one man or so called Masonic authority speaks for Freemasonry. Nor does any one man including you speak for Christianity. The only thing that speaks for Christianity is The Bible, and we Christians can’t even agree on what I’ts meaning is. I could pick out teachings or beliefs in every Christian denomination including the Non-denominational that can be viewed as contrary to Gods word. I can give a laundry list of evil done in the name of Christ by the Christian church. Try cleaning up your own back yard before meddling in mine.

    Luke 6:42 “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.”

    May the peace that passes all understanding, guard your heart and mind in Jesus Christ.


    • anothermouse Says:

      You are correct, my Brother. It is a sad truth that Christians do disagree and quibble on many issues. The important thing to keep in mind is our personal relationship with Jesus – that is paramount.

      Peace and Blessings,


  6. Peach Says:

    I agree! It’s about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That I believe is the most important issue. If being a mason interferes with your relationship with God as you obviously felt it did, then you absolutely did the right thing by leaving the fraternity. When faced with that choice one must choose God. If on the other hand you feel as I do that Freemasonry has not interfered with my relationship to Him and in fact in many ways has enhanced it as do millions of other Christian masons then I believe you should do as Jesus says in Matthew 6:42. There are millions of Masons in the world making their communities better places. The Fraternity doemigrate charity work as you have admitted. As you have attested most are very good men and many are still your friends.

    “By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.”. Matthew 7: 16-18

    • anothermouse Says:

      Have you read the testimony of brother Michael C. Gentry, a former Mason who left Lodge because he discovered that Masonry is not compatible with being a Christian?

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