This is an open letter to all Freemasons that call themselves Christians and who see no problem or contradicting proof in Scripture that indicate an incongruity with “being a Christian” and simultaneously, being a Freemason.

To these Brethren I wish to pose this question;

Consider this.

Masonry proudly call their place of gathering a Temple. Now, to the serious Christian, this should already be the cause of a few warning lights to start flickering in his mind.

It is taught in Masonry that the Lodge is an accurate representation of the ground floor of King Solomon’s Temple. Throughout the first three degrees in Masonry, the initiate is “illuminated” with various sorts of esoteric wisdom that can be garnered from studying various facets and aspects of this Temple.

Now, let us consider carefully the Temple that is described in Masonic ritual and then compare it to the Temple of King Solomon as depicted in the Bible and you will be astounded at what we discover!

The Masonic “Temple” has its entrance in the west (on the western side) facing west. There are two pillars at the entrance, on the western side of the Lodge. One enters the Lodge in the West, where one of the Wardens is stationed. The master of the Lodge resides in the East (on the opposite side or on the east side). So, the master is, when seated in his chair in the east, facing west (in the westerly direction) all the time he is seated at his station. Thus far any Mason will be nodding in agreement, as this is indeed the true layout of a Masonic Lodge.

Now let us have a close look at King Solomon’s Temple, the one Masons teach in their ritual is accurately represented by the Masonic one. The floor plan of the Temple was identical in orientation to that of the tabernacle, the mobile version of the Temple in the days of Moses. It is clear from Scripture that the door of the Temple is on the east side thereof, facing east. One enters the Temple in the east and the Holy of Holies was situated in the opposite side, on the western side! This is directly the opposite of the Masonic Temple!

Ezekiel 8:16 is one example of Scriptural proof that makes a very clear reference to this orientation – the door of the Lord’s Temple facing eastward!

Have you noticed the major difference between the Masonic Temple and that of King Solomon? They are 180 degrees opposite to one another in orientation! King Solomon’s Temple faces EAST – the Masonic Temple faces WEST. That is a very big and profound difference!

So how can this be and why is it so?

Why does Masonry teach that their temple accurately represents King Solomon’s when it is actually 180 degrees the opposite?

If such rich symbolic meaning is garnered from the Temple, why have it facing the wrong direction?

Could it be that Freemasonry is in actual fact 180 degrees opposite to what it claims to be?

I leave you to ponder that anomaly and challenge any Mason to venture an explanation for this..





  1. glitteringfollies Says:

    Excellent points for any Christian, but especially the freemason to ponder. I’m adding a link to this entry on my blog.

  2. duncan Cameron Says:

    In the Anglican Church the entrance is in the west and the alter is in the east

  3. John Says:

    Wow, this is your serious attempt at dividing the two?

    I’m Christian, but not a Mason. But from what I’ve heard/seen of masons:

    Their purpose is a brotherhood of responsible men in society who donate time/resources to help out fellow man. Simply a good Samaritan movement but with the “cool” factor of being part of a secret club.

    And these men (MANY, many of whom are Christians), are going against their Christianity because they are doing good acts and their meeting place faces West?

    • anothermouse Says:

      Wow, and you presume to comment intelligently on something you know absolutely nothing about, by your own admission, wow!

      I suggest you arm yourself with some knowledge about the subject if you intend to contribute constructively to the debate.

      The matter of the Masonic Temple facing West instead of East is one that only a Mason is really qualified to comment on in any meaningful way.

      The issue is this: Freemasonry maintains that their Temple accurately represents that of King Solomon. Well it patently DOES NOT. In plain language that is called a LIE.

      Any Freemason out there brave enough to venture an explanation?

  4. Way Bue Says:

    I am a born again Christian and a member of the military. And also a proud Mason. All three mean more to me than anybody else can fathom. And they mean something completely different to me than the next guy. I have no problem sitting next to a Jew or Muslim or whatever and having a silent prayer. Be it in Lodge or at a sporting event, funeral in church/temple/synagogue. I don’t expect others to wittness to me at any of these, and I wouldn’t do it to them. Man cannot tell me I’m a sinner or saint, it’s not for man to decide. The argument that a Christian cannot be a mason is foolish. God sees what’s in my heart, no one else.

    • anothermouse Says:

      Hallo Way Bue and thank you for your comment,

      If you are really a born again Christian you are my Brother in Christ and for that reason this blog exists, to warn my Brethren in Christ about the grave danger they are in whilst they remain in Lodge. If Lodge is REALLY so great and awesome and harmless, just answer one question, the one posed in the post above. Why do they LIE to you? Why do they profess the lodge is based on an ACCURATE representation of King Solomon’s Temple when in fact it is not?

      Are you willing to accept this straight-aced LIE and still view them as an HONORABLE organization?

      Think about it!



      • Way Bue Says:

        As with most other “teachings”, it is just a symbolic representation. I do no profess to be a universalist. What you see as a lie, may not be something I see a a lie. There are 3 absolute truths in this plane of existence, your’s, mine, and God’s. and I will NEVER pretend to know or understand how He thinks. All deeds will be weighed on His scale alone, not by any mere mortal. I am a good man, becoming better. God bless.

  5. Jesse Says:

    actually, there is a more rather obvious contradiction, christians cannot by definition believe in universalism, otherwise they are universalists, and not christians :). there are in fact other points to consider as well from the christian standpoint.

    i will say this though, in person most masons do not like a man that can read symbol and understand it, so very good prophecy students may have trouble with them wondering who you are.
    (there is a lot of symbology, of numbers, shapes, colors, material, poetic form in masonic theory from what i know of them, much of it intermixed and diluted forms of understanding prophetic meaning)

    my suggestion is just tell them about your personal studies, once they find out they’ll go away, but keep in mind they usually won’t answer phone calls from you anymore if they used to be a friend.

    by the way there is one thing that solomon’s temple had that no mason lodge has

    the shekinah glory,

    also the building of the temple walls required the use of NO TOOL, needless to say i’ve seen too many concrete block masonic temple walls which are formed by tools, and one wooden one.
    (think about the concrete burns it would give you to erect a building that size with no tools, what mix the mud in a hole in the ground and carry it over by hand? ouch)

    also tile is not mentioned as a flooring
    1Ki 6:15
    notice nothing is said about tile in this reference the floor was cedar covered in gold (vs30)

    those are just some discrepencies, but personally all in all, i have to say that catholic ideaologies and practices have an equal amount of glaring things like men doing little boys to begin with, and the pope’s Dagon hat.

    if you are worried about their contradictions, good, but look for them close to home as well, otherwise a man cannot look into the mirror of self and see clearly enough to view flaws in order to fix them.

    • anothermouse Says:

      Hallo Jesse, and thank you for your comment.

      It is true, there are many glaring problems and contradictions with masonry for a Christian and the one illustrated above is by no means the most obvious one.

      It is my heartfelt desire for masons that call themselves Christians to consider this very carefully, since their eternal salvation is at stake, a very serious matter indeed.



  6. Brian Says:

    The point of Ezekiel Chapter 8 is there is four things that happen.

    1. A image of jealousy made. What ever it was God wasn’t pleased but he said let me show you WORST than this.

    2. In a wall a chamber with seventy ancients of the house of Israel saying God doesn’t see us. Then God said let me show you WORST than this.

    3. At the gate women weeping for TAMMUZ a Satan copy of Christ. You would think this would be the worst but no God said let me show you WORST than this.

    4. At the porch twenty five MEN facing east. THE WORST

    So let’s east today see who faces east today

    1. Hindu – face East – according to Hindu Wisdom
    2. Buddhist – face East – this is a off branch of Hindu
    3. Catholic – face East – according to Fish Eaters and many others
    4. Mormons – face East – according to Mormon Matters and others
    5. Wicca – face East – many issues of this
    6. Druids – face East – many issues of this
    7. Thelema – Aleister Crowley – according to The Kiblah and others
    8. Masons – face East – according to Masonic Lodge Education
    9. Jews – face East – just ask one and Synagogue sit facing East like Catholic
    10. Greek Orthodox and any Catholic off branch.
    11. Rosicrucians, KnightsTemplar and Eastern Star
    12. Satanist – face East – according to The Treasure of Witchcraft
    13. Muslim – face East

    So most of the World is facing East getting prepared for when you will have to face East and worship the Beast. Most of the world faces East and don’t know why. It’s a symbolism of turning your back to God. In Freemasonry and many others that just let you know so you join. Albert Pike says this in Morals and Dogma. Deception is everywhere and in everything. The biggest thing that can happen to you is that you realize that you’ve been lied to.

    God Bless

  7. Tim Says:

    This post seems to be more concentrated on “the lie” that Masonry poses. Tell me this, if a Pastor of a Church has an affair with someone in his congregation, is he not guilty of breaking more than just one of the Ten Commandments? This whole “exposing the truth” silliness should probably concentrate more on being less judgmental and more Jesusmental. Love everyone. Not just the ones that agree with you.

  8. Ed Says:

    all around the world the Jewish temples or synagogues face to the east just like in my masonic lodge!

    • anothermouse Says:

      Hi there Friend,
      It is true, the Temples of Israel have all faced East, including the Tabernacle.
      Freemasonry asserts that its Temple is based on the exact ground plan of Solomon’s Temple.

      That is not correct!
      If you look carefully at the Masonic Temple, you will see that it faces towards the WEST !
      The exact OPPOSITE to the Jewsish Temple!

      Let me illustrate my point;
      # Where is the Master seated in Lodge? In the East.
      # Seated there, the Master looks towards the entrance, he is looking WEST.
      THUS, the Temple faces which way? WEST.

      The Jewish Temple has the Entrance on the East side and the Holy of Holies on the West side.
      from there, looking at the entrance you would be looking EAST, as the Temple is facing EAST.


      Why the big who ha? Freemasonry claims there Temple to be based on the Jewish Temple, the Temple of King Solomon, and that is not so!

      The question that beggs asking is WHY?

      Why do they make such a blatantly false assertion?

      And if they can lie to you openly about that, what else do they assert that is BLATANTLY WRONG?

      This blog is dedicated to point these things out and to testify that Masonry is not the place for a serious Christian to be caught up in. Much better to devote your time and energy into serving the True King of Kings directly.



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