In response to Rich

August 14, 2010

Rich wrote this comment…

I reply thus;

Hallo Dear Friend,

Thank you for your comment and for the kindness by which you postulated your viewpoint. I will attempt to honour it with a thorough reply as I can sense your genuine concern and doubts.  Have you considered that the origin of these doubts  might be the Holy Spirit convicting you?  I suggest you hold it up to our Father in prayer and ask Him to reveal the truth of the matter to you.  I will also be praying for you.  Then I would like to suggest that you also visit .  That site is run by sincere brethren in Christ and they also have only your best eternal interests at heart.  A simple Google search will reveal dozens more sources.  Take nothing at face value of course, but compare what you learn there with Scripture.

Ultimately, the best source of information is the Lord Himself and his Word, the Holy Scriptures.  He said Himself, that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  If you make a serious study of the matter and allow the Spirit to guide you, you will find the answer.

I was a mason for 15 years and really enjoyed it.  There I met the best kind of person that anybody can wish to have as friends.  In fact, I still count some of my very close friends in the fold of masonry.  I felt good about the camaraderie and all the good the organization seemingly stands for; striving to make good men beter and all the effort toward charity, to name just two.  It all sounds and looks very good, seen from a human perspective.  However, after I got saved the Lord opened my eyes and I realised the truth.  Looking at it from God’s viewpoint, using the Word of God as a filter, there is definitely a BIG problem. A born-again Christian can simply not be a Freemason.  Why?  There are just too many glaring contradictions and problems to ignore.  What contradictions, what problems?  Well, contradictions between the will of God and what goes on in Freemasonry.  There are clear clashes of interest!  Too many to ignore.

Let me mention just a few and you will see what I mean;

Freemasonry call itself the Light.

Jesus said He is the Light of the world…

Masonry speaks of itself as being in the Light and the rest of the non-masonic world as being in the darkness…

As a Christian we know Jesus is the Light and only those in Him are in the light – the rest are in Darkness…

Freemasonry acknowledges many gods – all as equal…

God said He is the only God, there are no other…

Masonic ritual alludes to Salvation without Christ, by good works…

We know Salvation is by Grace through Faith alone… and that only by trusting in Christ.

Jesus commanded us to testify about Him – to carry the Gospel to the end of the earth.  Try witnessing in Lodge and you will be told it is unconstitutional – and it is.  Just read your constitution and you will see.

So who will you obey?   The King of Kings or the masons?  What rulebook do you follow?  The rules of man (masonry rules and ritual) or the Living Word of God Almighty?

And this is not even scratching the surface.  Yet, to anyone that is a serious Christian, these few points should be of major concern!  There is much, much  more!  Any serious Christian should ask himself – do I really want to be here? (in masonry)

As a Christian, can one allow oneself to be ignorant of these things?  I don’t think so.  It would not be wise.

Do  I hate the Freemasons now?  No, absolutely not.  I love them, now more than ever.  Do I condemn them?  No.  As the Lord teaches us in Ezekiel 3, I simply blow the trumpet.  I simply bring a warning to all those that will hear.

My the Lord bless you with His peace, grace and wisdom; with the discernment you need to see His will clearly and with the strenght and courage to act accordingly.

Love in Jesus,



The True Roots of Freemasonry (via Can a Christian be a Freemason?)

June 17, 2010

The True Roots of Freemasonry Can we Find the Roots of Freemasonry in the Bible? By Jim Nations and Karen Romero. Jim Nations is one of the distinguished panel members of Frances and Friends Radio Program.  Formerly a Freemason, Pastor Nations has studied the masons extensively and has thorough knowledge of the subject.  It is his passion to see others delivered and set free from Masonic influence in their lives. “This is the Stone (Jesus) which was set at naught of you build … Read More

via Can a Christian be a Freemason?

Christian Freemason – an oxymoron.

April 6, 2010

John wrote this comment.

Thank you for the comment.

I appreciate your sentiments and concur that one can always draw negatives from any battle of words, regardless of the issue or subject matter in view.

The subject at hand here is an extremely important one though – it is a matter of life and death that has eternal consequences.

I have been a freemason myself for many years before I got saved and only then realized the truth according to God’s word; and that is: A Christian CAN NOT be a freemason!

It is true that masons do many good charitable works and nobody is bashing that.

The problem, as is explained exhaustively on this blog, is both simple and fundamental.

If one becomes a Christian in the fullest sense of the word, then God’s Word as expressed in the Bible becomes of paramount importance. It is unfortunately true that there exists conflict between what God’s word commands versus certain practices in masonry.

Thus, in order to be a Freemason, the Christian HAS TO make certain compromises, that is, turn a blind eye to certain Masonic doctrine and practices that God clearly prohibits in His Word.

Many Christian Freemasons believe they can do this, I don’t.

Many Christian Freemasons are not fully aware of this problem because it is so easy to be swept away by the seemingly good and patently good that masons do indeed perform that one is lulled into a sense that all is well and good – in the eyes of man as well as before God.

That is unfortunately NOT TRUE.

The fact of the matter is that there exists very clear direction and command in the Word of God to prove this. Many are just too blind, ignorant or arrogant to see it. It is to them that I appeal : Please open your mind to reason and to plain logic and common sense.

So one has to choose, and you are right – ultimately God is the judge.

The bottom line, and unfortunate truth is this; a Christian Freemason is an oxymoron, just as sure as an “open secret”, an “only choice”, “good grief” and “dimwit” is.

My hope remain that some will see the light before it is too late!

For them I continue my efforts here.

God Bless,


Dear Pastor Ryan…

February 25, 2010

Dear Pastor Ryan,

I did indeed visit your blog and found it interesting, yet alarming.

In reply to your comments above;

I appreciate the fact that you disagree with me but, please elaborate on exactly what it is that you disagree with.

The term GAOTU by itself is not the real issue here – any similar term would have served the purpose.

It is the application of it that points to the problem!

It is used to describe any god of your choice, not so?

To you it may refer to God, as revealed to us in our King James Bible, yet to the Muslim it refers to his god, Allah. To the Hindu it may be Krishna, and on and on.

Freemasonry opens its doors to followers of all religions and accept all these gods as being equal.

The problem is the following;

The God you and I serve, that is, the God of the Bible, says emphatically that He is the only God and that we should bring no other gods before Him. (In other words, we are to accept Him as the ONLY God there is – not to acknowledge even any other gods).

Now, how can you possibly reconcile that command with what happens in Freemasonry?

Let us look at what indeed happens in Freemasonry;

As a Freemason you may stand right next to your Hindu brother when the Lodge is opened with prayer to the GAOTU.  To your own mind you are praying to God (of the Bible) and your brother, as far as he is concerned, is praying to Krishna (or some other god). On the altar may be your Bible, say the King James Bible and along side it, his bible, the Bhagavadgītā.  So in essence then, acknowledgement is given to the existence of our God  as well as that of our Hindu brother with no argument as to which is the Superior or the only real God.

Knowing then what God said in the Bible about Him being the ONLY God, how can I possibly do this and think that God would condone it?

God never changes. God does not go against His own word. But we do if we practice the above.

Now it is easy to just say, I disagree.

You are saying, in effect, by saying you disagree, that you think it is indeed possible to be a Freemason without offending God (the God of the Bible).

I have just explained to you precisely why I think it is impossible.

Please help me out here and explain exactly WHY you disagree.

You obviously see things differently – so, please explain – if you can.

I suspect you won’t be able to. Yet by choice, for whatever reason, you will forcefully keep yourself blinded to God’s instruction, so clearly spelled out in His word. The plain truth is so clear to see, yet those like yourself just refuse to see it.

That is the tragedy that inspires me to continue this work.



Great Architect of the Universe.

December 24, 2009

Who is the Great Architect of the Universe? It is the deity the Freemasons worship in their lodges throughout the world. To the Muslim Freemason he is Allah, to the Hindu it may be Krishna, to the Jew it is Yahweh, to the Christian it may be the God of the Bible. Are these gods all the same being? Are we actually talking about one and the same god here, just with different names? There are those that have this view. However, that is most definitely not the case! Any God fearing person will be able to render a stream of biblical references to prove it. Just read Isaiah 45 – it alone contains five references (in verses 5,6,18,21 and 22, and there are many more throughout the Bible.

The sad truth is that there are countless Christians, people who profess to know the Lord, that have been caught up by this lie. They have not made a study of God’s word for themselves and believe blindly what they are told by their Masonic masters.

As Eve was once seduced by the Enemy of man, so these gentlemen are falling for a similar lie. Physically blinded at their initiation ceremonies they continue to be blinded by the awfully skewed doctrine of Masonry as it get spoon-fed to them in glorious-sounding ritual professing to strive toward ancient traditions and esteemed morals.

These are good men that mean well – yet utterly deceived in their ways as regard to the Lord Jesus, our Saviour, and what it really means to be a Christian. I do pray that the following will aid you in coming out of that situation or to help others that are still there, captive in the bonds of our Enemy.

I share with you a conversation I had recently with a Brother and Brethren, who claim to be Christians yet hold steadfast onto the idea that there is no problem for a Christian to be a Mason as well.

Anonymous said…


I think that that Freemasonry’s use of “Great Architect of the Universe” is often misunderstood, especially by many Christians. I believe that Freemasonry is presenting God as that universal knowledge of or longing of God that every man has within him. There is a universal curiosity that we all have that eventually makes us say, “There’s got to be something greater out there than me” or, “All of this could not have just happened, there must be some designer or creator behind everything.” All men throughout history, regardless of their background, culture, or religion, have an inner “urging” or “drawing” toward something greater than himself. Some will dismiss it and look inward to try to elevate himself as a god, while most look outward to try to understand the God of the Universe. It is object of that basic, child-like longing that I believe Freemasonry is trying to illustrate as God through the allegorical use of The Great Architect of the Universe.

But that’s only part of the story!

How a person specifically defines and understands God really is a personal journey between him and God. That journey can take many different paths, but from a Christian perspective, only one of those paths (through Jesus Christ) truly leads to Salvation.

So when it is said that Freemasonry’s Great Architect of the Universe tries to meld together all gods, on a very basic level, yes it does. But knowing that God exists and understanding the correct path to Salvation are two very different things. The non-Christian Freemason may travel many paths, but the Christian Freemason will only travel that one true path through Christ.

In reply to this I answered thus;

Anonymous, my dear Friend,

My heart really goes out to you, Brother. Believe me, I understand how hard it is to listen and to accept all these things from anybody, mush less a stranger.

For that reason I commend you for your candour and the amicable way you take your stand in defending your view, how indefensible it may even be.

I dearly loved Freemasonry myself. To me it was a source of excellent friendships and genuine Brotherhood. The fraternal and social side of it was really great. I also enjoyed the ritual with all its moral teachings. The ancient traditions, the symbolism of stone and tools and labour, the striving toward the perfection of the perfect Ashlar, not even to mention all the excellent work that was done for charity; all these things had a certain beauty and attraction to them as well. So, I know perfectly well how difficult it is for any Mason worth his salt to listen to and to accept criticism against that which he love and hold dear.

But therein lies the trap and the danger, for looking at Masonry through the eyes of mankind one can hardly avoid to be awestruck with the wonder and the beauty thereof.  Yet, it is not the opinion of mankind we must concern ourselves with. Rather, we must consider how God would look at it. Now, this is not easy and there are a host of traps to fall into here as well, the prime one being that of self deception. The answer is available though, to all of those who are willing to subject themselves to the will of God and to be directed by the very Word of God himself.

As Christians, we must be sensitive to the perspective that Jesus would have of Masonry. Now, any honest appraisal here will come up with a host of issues that does not gel and thus call for a compromise. This compromise is made in the name of tolerance in order to accommodate other, non-Christian religions! You as a true Christian should see a big problem here! If you don’t, that problem has become your bond, your very own problem, a millstone around your neck, one that threatens your eternal security.

Can you not see why it is so extremely important you consider this issue with all diligence and with every last morsel of honesty and integrity that you posses? If you get it wrong – the consequences are eternal!

My dear Friend, you say, that the usage of the term, GAOTU is misunderstood, but then instead of clearing it up you continue to proof exactly MY point – that Masonry uses that term to “consolidate” all the gods into ONE – and then continue as if it is all right, God will understand! Believe me He does understand! Just look at what he says in his Word:

“Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the LORD? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside me.” (Isa 45:21)

Do you really want to persist in this? Are you going to continue gainsaying the very words of God from his own lips and still hope to be standing at the end of Judgment day?

What part of  “there is no God else beside me” do YOU not understand?

As for the non-Christian Masons, we are obligated to share the Gospel with them. And that is exactly where another problem comes in. Masons are not permitted to do that!  Most constitutions around the world expressly forbids it! So, once again – whose council are you going to follow, that of Jesus that said, go and spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth, or the Masonic traditions, that forbids it? Jesus is very clear on this one – you are either for Him or against Him – you can NOT be both! So what is it? Where do YOU stand?

May the Lord bless you with wisdom to comprehend, ears that hear, eyes that see and a heart full of compassion. May the Lord bestow His Grace upon you, may He lead you and keep you,

and all who read this and take it to heart,

God Bless,


PS: follow the full conversation at;

or download it in PDF here;

Conversations with a Christian Freemason (PDF) (343KB).


December 15, 2009



Great Architect of the Universe

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What is Freemasonry?

December 7, 2009


“Surely there’s no harm in Freemasonry, it’s simply a benevolent society.”  “Most of the accusations against them are false.”  “Besides Freemasonry and Evangelical Christianity are compatible.” These sorts of statements are made whenever the question of Freemasonry and Evangelical Christianity is raised.

So what is the truth?  Is Freemasonry a religion?  Is it impossible to be both an Evangelical Christian and a Freemason?

We hope this leaflet will help you start to answer these questions.


The answer to this question has changed over the years.

In 1985 the Grand Lodge issued a leaflet ‘Freemasonry and Religion’ which clearly stated that Freemasonry was not a religion.  Each mason could believe in and worship his own god called ‘The Great Architect’. But the following quotes show that this hasn’t always been the case.

“Masonry is not a religion, but it is Religion…”. J F Newton, ‘The Builders’, 1914.

“I boldly aver that Freemasonry is a religion.” J S M Ward, ‘Freemasonry, Its Aims and ideals’, 1923.

“I firmly believe that it is [a religion].  The tests of any religion lie (1) in its belief in Almighty God… (2) on the performance of duties to God and Man… (3) a system of faith and worship. Freemasonry conforms to all of these…”  Grand Chaplain of Grand Lodge. ‘Freemasons’ Chronicle, 1954.

Whether Freemasonry is presented as a religion by Masons depends on the social climate at the time.  An absolute requirement of Evangelical Christianity is the worship of only the One Living God, Jehovah.  This is clearly stated in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:2-5) and again by Jesus himself (Matthew 22:34-40).

Recently the Masons made a statement that the composite name for their god, Jah-Bul-On, would no longer be used in their ceremonies.  (Jah is the name of the true God Jehovah; Bul is the Babylonian god, Baal: On is the Egyptian sun god.)  However, whether the name is used or not, Masonic tradition clearly shows that worship is still directed to this false god.


Sometime during the 18th century, the blood curdling oaths were introduced which each new member had to recite, binding them to secrecy.  In recent years changes have been made to the way the oaths are taken.  Firstly in the early sixties the Grand Lodge changed the wording so that the candidate was under a ‘traditional penalty’.  Then in 1986 the ceremony was altered so the candidate no longer says the oaths himself; instead, the Lodge Master recites them in a different part of the ceremony.  Despite these changes, the outcome is the same; the new Freemason is bound to secrecy by fear.

At the time of initiation, the candidate does not know the details of the secrets he is agreeing on oath to keep.  Furthermore, unless he progresses to one of the higher degrees, he will never know much about the beliefs, philosophy and practices of Freemasonry which he is committing himself to at his initiation.

Although the oaths refer to Masonic rites and rituals, in practice they extend beyond them and have produced a climate of secrecy which is a significant feature of Freemasonry.  If Freemasonry is as good and wholesome as many Masons claim, why is there this need for secrecy?  In Evangelical Christianity there is no secrecy: God revealed himself in Jesus Christ to all men, women and children of all races, in all circumstances.  The good news of Jesus providing the way of hope, meaning and security for now and eternity is to be shared with any who will become disciples.  What a contrast to the secrecy and selectiveness within Freemasonry.


Being an Evangelical Christian is not a matter of being British, doing good and being respectable.  If this all that is meant by being an Evangelical Christian then it is not incompatible with being a Freemason.  However, this definition of an Evangelical Christian is certainly not found in the Bible.  An Evangelical Christian is a disciple of Jesus Christ who puts God above all else in his or her life.  If there is a conflict between what the Bible teaches and some other authority, the Evangelical Christian must follow the Bible.  Being an Evangelical Christian is being accepted by God although not deserving it-not trying to earn acceptance from God by doing good.

For some families and charities it may be that the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry is the way in this life, but it can never lead to eternal life because it denies the name of Jesus Christ who said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father, except through me.” (John 14:6)

Freemasonry is serving the goods of this world instead of God-this will never lead to the ‘Grand Lodge Above’.

The English Constitution of the Freemasons seeks to link Freemasonry with the building of Solomon’s Temple.  More modern writings establish a link with the stone masons who built the great cathedrals of England; but in reality the Lodges of today bear resemblance only in name.  In fact most cathedrals were long finished before the Grand Lodge of England was formed in 1717.

Whatever the history, there are today some 7,500 Lodges in Britain with an active membership of over 3000,000.

Is it acceptable to be both an Evangelical Christian and a Freemason?


The emphasis of Freemasonry is the glorification of man by his own efforts, inside and outside the craft, supported by a worldwide Brotherhood of Masons.  The emphasis of Evangelical Christianity is the glorification of God through penitence and believing faith in Jesus Christ, resulting in holy living supported by a world-wide fellowship of believers.

For further reading we recommend:

Christ, The Christian & Freemasonry –  W J McK McCormick

The Craft and the Cross – Ian Gordon

The Diary of a Freed Mason -David W M Vaughan

And for an in-depth look at Freemasonry

The Brotherhood-Stephen Knight

Inside The Brotherhood-Martin Short

If you need further help in being free form Freemasonry and coming to know Jesus Christ you can contact:

For further help and advice please write to:


24 Ormond Road Richmond Surrey TW10 6TH

Phone 0870 770 3258 Fax 0870 770 3259



(Published here with permission from Reachout Trust.)

The Brotherhood

November 10, 2009

Many good people become Masons.  Almost all of them good folk joined an organization they knew nothing about. Many do not ever bother to learn what there is to know about it, although the information is freely available. Very few compare Masonic Dogma (doctrine, if you like) with sound Biblical Christian teaching. And of those few who do and successfully connect the dots,  even less are willing to act by the will of God in this regard.

A friend of mine argued thus recently, defending Freemasonry-;

Mr Mouse, if you had written your personal experience with Freemasonry and why you personally felt that it is wrong based on your experience, I would not be so skeptical of you and believe that there are hidden agendas much like those other anti-Masons who are out for profit. If only you done that rather than posting articles from those proven to be fakes, I’d not be so skeptical of you and believe you to be a former Mason; but since reading your BLOG, I am skeptical of that.

However, this debate is not out of anger or hate. I welcome your comments and your views as long as they are your views and not that of those who still hold onto the Taxil Hoax and purposely lie about Freemasonry to gain attention. Lets discuss it from our own views and opinions and speak from our own experiences and from what we study from our own Bibles based on our own understandings. That way it will not be a debate but a friendly discussion that’s more prosperous.

Do not think that I’m your enemy and don’t think that I’m not grateful for your efforts if those efforts are sincere. Although you are not a Mason, you are still a brother to me only if your heart is in the right place.

Thank you brother for your efforts even though we do not agree. A good Christian is one who looks out for others.


I replied to him as follows,

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the words and the sentiment. I wish to assure you of the sincerity of my efforts. I was indeed a Freemason. For 15 years did I labor in the Craft and reached high office (Assistant Provincial Grand Master) and very proud of it. Criticism against the Order is not new and I dealt with my share of it also. Naturally I also viewed all the so-called anti-Masonic critics as misinformed malcontents and also suspected a degree of malice in their motives.

In those days I really enjoyed my Masonry and saw nothing wrong with it myself at the time. The Ancient Old Landmarks, men striving to actually improve themselves, the laudable efforts of good men reaching out toward lofty morals and high standards, the incredible work done for charity and the joy of sharing in a brotherhood of likeminded men of integrity – all these things fostered a love for the Company and caused me to maintain a defensive posture toward it and to turn a blind eye to all those who spoke out against Freemasonry. Because of all the good it did, I was also confident that the Order must be in good standing with God and was convinced that it carried His approval. As I grew up in a Christian home, I even classified myself as a Christian and I looked forward to the day that this enmity between the Church and Freemasonry would end. It only called for some education and understanding, and a good measure of love and tolerance from both sides, and it would all work out fine, I felt at the time.

I could not have been more wrong!

Christ entered my life eighteen months ago and changed all those dearly held suppositions. I realized then that I knew dreadfully little about Freemasonry to start with. I also learned that I had known even less about God, Jesus and the Bible and the will of God. My new life with Christ would change all that and for the first time in my life I could actually SEE what I had blinded myself willfully to before. I saw Freemasonry as God would see it. I studied the Bible in earnest and no matter how I looked at it, there was clear evidence that it is completely impossible to reconcile Freemasonry with the God of the Bible.

I was in a predicament – I had to make a choice. It was not easy to say farewell to all my friends. Every good friend I had at that time was a Mason. Yet (no pun intended) none could measure up to the Friend one has in the Lord once one get to know Him.

I speak to you as a friend, not as an adversary. Nobody can TELL you what to do. All I can hope for is to appeal to your reason and pray that you will investigate the issue prayerfully for yourself and that God will open your heart and your mind to the truth.

Jesus himself said that He is the way the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the Father except through Him. Yet Freemasonry openly advocates a plan of Salvation WITHOUT Jesus. Your very own Ritual states it clearly. Just this one fact alone proves the point that anyone who calls himself a genuine Christian MUST take cognizance of the above and do the right thing by the Lord; repent and get out of there. It is not too late! The Lord promises in His Word that He is faithful and just to forgive us our trespasses if we repent and confess our transgressions.

God speed and God Bless,



What is wrong with Freemasonry I

October 19, 2009

In this new series of articles I will explore and demonstrate to the current Freemason or person considering to join the Freemasons, exactly what is wrong with Masonry from a Biblical perspective. One of the foremost issues a Christian should have with Masonry is the fact that it promotes a means of Salvation without Jesus.

This should be a staggering blow to the genuine Christian but then again Masons are not allowed to discuss anything concerning religion and so it just slips by… to the eternal detriment of those ignorant enough to allow it!


Clickon the above image to read the article…

Letter to a Friend.

October 5, 2009

Hallo Dear Friend,

You may find it strange indeed that a complete stranger should call you by such an endearment; a dear Friend. Yet, I do so most sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. I mean it. After all we are all brethren, aren’t we?

For some time now I have been receiving mail from you, by some small mistake or oversight perhaps, and have been privileged thereby to some insight into the goings-on of your Provincial Grand Lodge. I see you have attained the rank of Provincial Grand Master and from your writing one can detect that your heart must be filled with that satisfying pride that comes with hard earned success and achievement. I would have liked to have known you. It is obvious you are enjoying your term intensely. I sincerely miss the warm friendship, the brotherhood, the close fellowship with like-minded dear, dear folk, just like yourself.

You see, I once was one of you. For the better part of 15 years I joyously traversed the country-side with tux and apron and partook in what I firmly believed to be a most honourable and worthwhile undertaking. I really came to enjoy it; the lofty ideals of brotherly love and tolerance, the majestic and ancient old landmarks of worthy morals and men stretching out to achieve them, the glowing warm contentment in the heart when yet another milestone work for charity had ben achieved.

I met and befriended the dearest of people, genuine folk – the best. I loved ritual work especially and started rising steadily through the ranks, a true ambassador of the Order, always keen to defend and promote it, and tolerant (never disrespectful) to those poor misguided folk on the outside that criticised us so harshly without knowing the first thing we stood for. Oh, if all the whole world would just become masons like us, the world would be a better place. I eventually rose to the rank of Assistant Provincial Grand Master and rumour had it that I was destined for higher.

So, what could have changed this happy circumstance, you may well ask.

Now, in order to join Freemasonry, one has to be able to truthfully testify to a belief in a Supreme Being. This in itself seem to be a very laudable precondition and I must admit, it was one of the things that helped clinch the decision for me at the time of my initiation. Having never been a non-believer perse and having been brought up in a Christian, church-going home, the very fact that a belief in a God was such a firm prerequisite, dispelled many possible doubts one could have fostered. After all, how is it possible then for such an organization to be anything but good and God-fearing, right? So, I was initiated and immediately taken in by the warmth and sincerity of the brethren. Those great ideals, “ the greater moral good”, and that seemingly impossible dream of a “Brotherhood of man” took root in me and flourished. I was sold.

To me, The Great Architect of the Universe had always been the God of the Bible. It never really entered my thoughts that to others the GAOTU represented or might represent some other deity or deities. And even if it did I doubt it would have made a difference. You see, my notion of Christianity at the time correlated perfectly with my beliefs regarding Masonry. I could not understand at all how anybody could see a contradiction between the two! God is love, right? And the masons say, lets be tolerant and love our neighbours. So, where is the problem?

I thought and felt that way for a long time. One night, not very long ago, the profoundest thing happened to me. For the first time in my life I heard the Gospel explained to me with such clarity and eloquence that it took me to the brim of the abyss; for the first time I realised my terrible predicament before God (the same one we all share, by the way). And to crown it all, His glorious love for all of us – that he forfeited His only begotten Son, so that you and I could live! For the first time ever I saw how well I was on my way to be lost for ever – yet the Saviour held out his hand. I took it and was saved! This salvation is freely available to all of us. It is there for the asking.

In the experience I had with the Lord, Masonry was not on the agenda at all. However in the days and weeks that followed the realization came to me that Masonry is no place for a Child of God, which is what I had become, having accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. For the first time in my life I became a serious scholar of the Bible and it soon became abundantly clear to me that there is absolutely no way a true follower of Christ can reconcile Masonry with his walk with the Lord.

It was a sad day in my life when I tendered my resignation. Almost immediately erstwhile “brethren for life” turned their backs, never to be heard from again. It was painful to loose so many good friends at once but if one considers the alternative, there was just no other way.

So what is my take on Masonry and the Masons now? It is the same as always. I still love every single Brother and pray for them often. I still believe that Masonry is an honourable organization that does a lot of really good things. Unfortunately though, it stands in conflict with the God I serve and all my brethren that I left behind are still blinded to this very important fact. This is a matter of grave concern to me and to this cause have I pledged myself – to get the message out to as many brethren I can.

You mention Ecclesiastes 12 in your letter. It was (and still is) one of my favourites. ”Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”.

That is very good council. That very same God makes it abundantly clear in His Word that He is the only God. There is none other. How can a person that truly fear (live in reverent awe and obedience to) this same God be voluntarily bonded to an organization where His commandments are compromised for the sake of relationships with men and mankind? And this is just one example of the conflict I mentioned. There are countless others.

When all is said and done none of us can be forced or coerced into one way or another. We must each decide for oneself individually, just as we will be judged one day individually. You sound like such a genuine and good person. Please consider what I have said and pray the Lord for guidance.

May God bless you and keep you,